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Google OS?

Does anyone know if google is going to make an Operating System? I don't know so I'm asking...
What makes you think they would?
I know that google has made one, well, sort of... They use their own distro of Linux at their development HQ everywhere. In fact, they make most of thier own software for everything they do. Pretty neat, but I don't know if they would make one for us...
Da Rossa
The rivalry of M$ x Google? The imperialist ideal of Google?
I've not heard anything that suggests google will distribute an os. however, i would not be surprised considering their recent expansion into nearly every major genre of software.
Da Rossa
Google will conquer the world. Its a matter of time.
The Google OS does exist. It's just that it's not for us lowly souls. Google is using some very powerful Linux kernel to administer it's servers. The only problem is that it is not for open use. So if you have some high contact in the Googe administration or the high brass, well......
it was rumored over the internet and then shot down on tv news that google was going to create their own pc. Which also ran a google OS. Now everything that ever came out of google has started as a "rumor" so it might actually come true some day.
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i'm a fan of google im not gonna lie. however i think they are starting to go crazy. like its one thing to add books. now videos. and if they end up releasing their OS which seems unlikely, who knows how much more they will expand. Google food chains sweeping the globe?
nachjo chip
google will take over the world im afraid... ive read somewhere (and im the type of person who almost always believes what he reads, especially if its written in some kind of newspaper or magazine) that ca. 75% of all *browser* inter traffic runs through google. i think it is actually pretty likely because many people have google as their start page. every time some one fires up a browser, google gets another hit.
There are a lot of rumors going around that Google has be denying. I've heard that they are going to compete with Microsoft, which I think would be a really good idea because they would do good in marketing. I have also heard that they have contracts with multiple stores to sell a Google PC, that is running the Google OS. There are many many more things going around, but I would say don't believe any of them untill it happens. I do agree, Google will in time, take of the world. Razz

Rumors, sometime is a dream. And dreams do come true sometime. You'll never know. Google might just decided to do it. You'll never know until they decided if they will do it or not. Having Linux base OS is just like Apple (MAC) or any others. So, It's typically a copycat versions. But You know, it might be better than the rest. We'll just have to wait and see.
Very interesting stuff !
In order to make their place between Microsoft, Linux and Mac, they have to find out new and unique features that we don't find elsewhere.
Notice how Google has been slowly closing in on Microsoft lately, with GMail and such... I wouldnt be surprised by a Google Operating System.
Actually, Google recently confirmed they're working on a version of Linux.

They're modifying Ubuntu linux and it's apparently called Goobuntu.

I read it on the internet, so it must be true.
I would love it if google were to control the computer industry. Let's just hope that they don't go crazy (like ms) once they do become the best.Very Happy
How would google OS be better?
How would it be better?

It would most likely be more secured then microsoft's windows and be easier to use for noobs. Google has always been user friendly. Their products are also very stable. Very Happy
No way, why would they make a OS what would the point be?
I read about this and they linked screenshots. Heard its a rumor, but the screenshots (true or not) look cool.
i think i must have it if it will be published to public
google..hmm..there are the pioner in internet bussiness
If google Operating System is free and open source,I will insist it,If not,I will to use freebsd or other free OS!
i have never heard about this

where do you hear from?
maybe in the next ten to twnty years google will surely make an OS which will be the best
I think that tit will be Open Source kind of thing
Let's see what's gonna happen

However google will really be the king of the web.
One day, I'll google for a google on a google via google by a google of a google, google !

The day is not so far.
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