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Who's Sick of the numa numa kid ?

Who's Sick of the numa numa kid ?
I am !!!!
 48%  [ 12 ]
Not me i love the jucy bugger !
 24%  [ 6 ]
HU! whats a numa numa
 28%  [ 7 ]
Total Votes : 25

Yo am i the only 1 thats soooo sick of the numa numa kid.

trust me im about to DIE!

for you lucky ppl that dosent know yhet hers a link to 1 of miljons of numa kid stuff out ther
Lol, that version sucks. The japanse attempt rocks Razz. The fat guy doing ****** up is just boring, the japanese version with weird kittens, japanese symbols and completely wrong english translations along with it are pretty damn funny since it makes absolutely no sense Razz.

Where is being said: alo, salut, sunt eu, un haiduc
There is an arrow being shot at another kitten, the line though means:
hello, greetings, it's me, an outlaw

Where is being said: primeste fericirea
There is a bunch of kittens looking under a girls skirt whilst the line means: to accept happiness

Where is being said: Ti-am dat beep
There is this guy eating a steak whilst the line actually means something like: I ring you up or I send you an SMS

And it goes on like that, it's a shame I cant read the japanese, but I'm sure that would make even less sense. It's funny to see how language difference can lead into a completely different interpretation of things Razz.

It's still a miracle that they showed a phone in the end, yet again ****** up since the lyrics are about a cellphone, not a regular phone Razz.
well thats the original the 1 that started it all and now ther are 1000's of diffrent numa crap out ther i bump in to it eavry whar even on the index page of my own site Shocked
i hated it when they first showed it....... I think that commercial sucks badly
Haha...numa numa...I don't know anybody who can stand that stupid crap.
ignition wrote:
Haha...numa numa...I don't know anybody who can stand that stupid crap.

As if the song on itself wasn't hellish enough already to scare just about anyone away Razz
believe it or was the most succesfull track a few years a go made by a troop of romanians... and yeah..they really suck.. the music and also the numa numa..which is translated into only only by the way Smile
numa numa is freaking awesome it owns
first of all, that guy is retarded, and ruined the song for everybody who would other wise enjoy it.

i actually own that cd, artist: o-zone, album: Disco-Zone.
i'd recomend them.
and the name of the song is actually "dragostea din tei"

and that cd is actually amazing.
not even kidding.
!!!!MY EYES!!!!

Make the pain stop!!!!
he was a moron and all the attempts are even worse. search on google videos and youll find a million and they are all garbage. you can search like any song and youll find people doing them too. its a shame people cant think of their own stuff
and so my sister plays it again...
A bunch of the professors at my college got together and made a video to that song. It was HIGHLY amusing, especially when our dean of chapel was bouncing around in his desk chair. Razz
Mind your words @ some posters...

I think this is a very funny karaoke version Very Happy
So don't watch it? Simple solution.

Anyways, I get a kick out of it. It aired on school television once. Lol, I remember that day well.
wow dident tink ppl relly liked that kid i sure dont my be the 1st and 2nd time but now BARF i cant handel it and the most iritating ting about it is i still bump in to him eavry so often

well sens i posted a link to him i am also blame SHAME ON ME !
Wow, this kid is still around?

Someone just stab him to death just to get him to go away Twisted Evil
he is ugly.. wad's so great bout lip-syncing?
There is nothing so great about lip-syncing although I thought the thing was funny the first time I saw it. Of course I never bothered to watch it (or any other imitation) ever again, since I had enough with that fiendish song already. It was played on the tv, it was played on the radio, on the beach and on the clubs.

And yes I was darn tired of it. I didn't hate it, but I might have gone violent with that and little more stimuli. Then again, I should have done that after watching Alien vs. Predator, and I didn't. Mmm makes me think if I'll suddenly explode and kill millions.

The video was so popular that it actually hit the news, if no one seen it.

They provide the video on the right side of the page, it's worth checking out.

- Mike.
lol he has no life to do that
That guy has really changed internet society as it is! that guy should be gaining royalties off of that! It rocks!

I remember this one time in Mexico, we were blasting that song in this white van and me and a bunch of people were like jumping on the van and headbanging and stuff like that being crazy!
"Lieek WtforZ!1!! He's so incredibly irritating, what do I do with myself to stop the torment??!!1!"


d'oh! ?
I hate the people who sing the N.N.Y(numa numa yay)!
I hate the people who like N.N.Y!
I hate the god damn N.N.F.Y!

And god bless you if you agree with me Very Happy
Haha, ahh numanuma. Ravers everywhere are bitter about the numa numa idiot. Laughing
There's a Gary Brolsma fan site at (Gary was the guy that made the original Numa Numa Dance video)

There's a remake of the original video by O-Zone... using Lego! See
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