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Canadian election... your vote decided?

Well, our federal election is coming up in a few days.
I think I've finally decided how I'm going to vote.
It was areally toughdecision this time, and in the end, I went with a party that was, frankly, a little surprising.
I was wondering if anyone else out there who had decided, and if they would like to tell us about it. Who they decided on, what the issues were, and what criteria they used to choose? Or whatever you felt comfortable sharing.

Personally, I made my decision based on the local candidate. I felt like the federal representatives were talking about issues that didn't apply to me, or that their positions didn't line up with what I wanted to see, so... I don't want to choose any of these yahoos to be Prime Minister, but I'd feel really good about voting in this MP.
I ended up looking at the local level. We have a few candidates that are OK, and one who stnds out head and shoulders above the others. He is well spoken, in touch with his constituency, informed on the issues, and seems to be able to find a good "middle road" sort of approach.
In a rural area like ours, it's very rare to find a candidate that makes you feel as though you're communities' unique (very different from the big city where all the decisions are made) needs are represented at all.

Anyways, that's sort of how I made my decision... but it's not written in stone yet, and I'd really like to hear what anyone else has to say.
(I've been really disappointed there hasn't been any discussion)
Well personally I think the conservatives are to be the new government as cheap stabs have been against Paul Martin saying that even his own collegues are turned against him. Saying that paul martin's tv campaign was completey wrong. I think that the general public agree with the statements the steven harper has made. I am currently living in montreal and rumours are that conservatives are backing up bloc Quebecois. As an anglophone the seperation would be a bad thing so i prefer not to listen to these rumours.
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