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Narnia croniques

On my concep this movie is a poor copy from another like Lod of the rings or Harry potter.

What do you think?
1. Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and The Chronicles of Narnia are three very different series of books and should not be compared to eachother.
2.Please make posts longer than two lines.
3.The Chronicles of Narnia is a very good book series and I look forward to seeing the first movie in the series.
4.Spelling is a good thing to be concerned with if you want to be taken seriously.
I think about Narnia MOVIE have less effect quality of another with same format.
there's a different thread that talks about Narnia, and if you look closely you'd probably find it, there's critiques right there as well.

as with what you've elaborated I agree with eepman The Chronicles of Narnia should not be compared to LOTR or Star Wars after all it's not as epic as those movies, but the way I saw it, the movie was very much an adaptation of the book by CS Lewis, so there I think that it succeeded and I for one was not disappointed when I saw it.
I thought hp,lotr and chronicles of narnia were all the best.
As for me, I liked Chronicles of Narnia even more, than the Lord of the Rings Rolling Eyes But I agree, that these are two very different books/series.
The movie was kinda boring... never read the book, maybe (probably) thats better then the movie.
Whether you like the movie or not depends largely upon taste.

I'm a great fan of fantasy: I've read Lord of the rings four times and saw the extended edition of the movie (almost 12 hours of watching movies!).

If you don't like fantasy you won't like the movie. My wife is more in the mood for drama and that kind of things. I don't have to bother her with the chronicles in Narnia.
Does anyonw know if they plan to make movies of the other stories in the Chronicles of Narnia? I remember when I was younger reading all the books in the series and loving them all. The BBC also did a series of them on a sunday afternoon, and Prince Caspian was one of my favourites.

What you must appreciate is that however closely the script of the movie is to the book, the film is an adaptation of the book, and must only be viewed so. To me this can add quirkyness, and yes sometimes you feel let down if you have read the book. But that is the role of the director, so that regardless of whether you have read the book or not, that you come away feeling that you have just witnessed an incrediblr adventure.
i had not even heard that there was a book but i saw the movie anyway it was quit ok nothing great like Lord of The Rings was....i heard latter that the author was a friend of JRR Tolkien who is the author of Lord Of The RIngs, still it was a good movie on a whole
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