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System of a Down lyrics

Does anybody actually look up the lyrics to some of their songs?? "Sweet berries ready for two ghosts are no different than you. Ghosts are now waiting for you. Are you..." or "There's something wrong with me There's something wrong with you There's something wrong with me I hope your stepson doesn't eat the fish When we're crying for our next fix"... What are these people smoking when writing their songs??
yeah they're freaking crazy. I don't know if the lyrics mean anything or it's just randomness?
There is a lot of randomness in their lyrics but if you read between the lines you will just occasionally stumble upon some clarity and some very true lines about society and those with power (in my oppinion).

Their music truthfully kicks ass in my oppinion...Sad Statue & almost all of Toxicity...
I don't even care what they sing about, they're great. That dang guy can sing really fast while still staying on pitch god and such. But on some songs, the lyrics make sence a little bit, like byob. Those ones are obvious. Or hypnotize, them too.
Most of System Of A down's songs mean something.

They are, particulary Serj (singer), engaged politically(?!). They are against the war in Irak for exemple.

You can search a fan site, wbemaster usually explain their lyrics
System of the down have the best music. Theyr inrtumentals are awesome. I dont think the lyrics mean much. Its the feeling you get and what they are trying to get across that matters
i agree with you all guys, system is one of the best,
I know, their songs are just random words and imagery! It still sounds fu@cking awesome nonetheless, but I mean.... what the hell!?!? The craziest song is "Vicinity of Obscenity" and it is one of my favorites. And I would recommend that you not lookup their lyrics, it really ruins a song if you know what they are really saying and not what you thought they were saying.
jeffsolodky wrote:
...And I would recommend that you not lookup their lyrics, it really ruins a song if you know what they are really saying and not what you thought they were saying.

I dont agree...

I thought Chic'n Stu was something like:

Need, they repeat, they repeat,
Advertising coz there's need

When really its down as:

Need therapy, therapy
Advertising causes need

But i dont i can think they wrote it down as something different to what they sang...ITS A CONSPIRACY...coz my version would work pretty well...sounds like something system might

( so wrong but wtf?)

Quite a lot of their songs do have deap and meaning full lyrics aswel...
System of a Down is awesome! They do have some messed up lyrics though! Anyone remember their song "Sugar"? That song was messed up!
They write songs for a reason

They wrote violent pornography cos they hate porno
In my oppinion, even the least attentive listener should be able to spot that a very large number of their songs are very much ANTI Capitalistic and ANTI American Government and ANTI War...
System of a Down indeed is a good bad, true they have some "whacked out lyrics" shall we say. But like already mentioned, most songs have a meaning to them. BYOB is a rather obvious one. Serj can sing hella fast at times too, its crazy.
'The plan was mastered called genocide'

read the whole text...
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