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World more dangerous or less dangerous after Cold War?

Personally during the Cold war it was just two sides with two relatively distinct agendas East and West of those that had nuclear weapons. Now with the breakup of the Soviet Union there are many nations with nuclear weapons, each with distinct agendas.

I think there is a lot less chance that a nuclear war would end the world, but there is a much greater chance that small (relatively speaking) skirmishes would break out between two nation-states.

I've also noticed that once a nation has nuclear weapons the world community really doesn't say anything more about a "military" option...

Anyway my 2c...
The only problem is that USA stuck up their nose where they have no right to do so. Now they threaten Iran just couse they have Nucrear program too, who the hell they are to say who is goin to have one and whos not. USA always try to "make things better" they should first start with themselves ffs.
I really don't care. I doubt the world would end from Nuclear explosions or anything, so I would say that the world is just as dangerous as it was before. Sure, we have weapons of mass destruction, but the reality of using those weapons isn't tangible to me. There was no point in building them all.

I prefer to not think about these issues. I'd rather be blind to political stuff, I doubt I'll ever even vote. Cool
I think the World is probably less safe know. After the cold war ended, countries (esp. the USA) were free to invade others at will safe in the knowledge that they would never get nuked!!
Why is the focus only on the US with regard to Iran's nuclear program. The E3U and Russia are all involved to same degree. For once, its not just America in people's business, its the the US, Europe, and Russia. That's a lot of concerned people.

The cold war was almost hot on several occasions. I think at this point, no one considers nuclear option as anything but a last resort. Even then, in a case like Iran, in the case of war, what could they use it with. They don't have the capability to launch ICMB on US soil. They probably wouldn't use it within their own borders. They could attack Israel, but that's the only serious option I can see.

The only way I can see the world as more dangerous now is because of the slim possibility of terrorists using a WMD. The political repercussions of state sanctioned use would be devastating to any country using one.
benwhite personally i would rather see US disarmed, they are the world's worst agressor nowadays. Just look at the bombing in Pakistan, another example of their "swift and accurate" attack, they once again proved themselves as #@%@! Yea i hate terrorists but i hate US government atleast the same if not even more, US can defend themselves but those ppl in that village could do nothing. And now they will be surprised when in ten years one of those survivors will took his revenge in form of terrorist attack, they will be once again "what? they envy us, they hate us..." I am not personally for "an eye for an eye" solutions but lets not be surprised. :/

I am sad couse its just going to be worse and worse. Crying or Very sad
@Benwhite: Without any doubt I can say the reason why only US is being named is because they have been the only ones out of the 3 major parties to invade 2 other countries within the last 5 years.

From the EU besides that is pretty much known that we are not so much on the attack anymore anyways. As for Russia, well, they just haven't been invading much lately either.

The world will never be safe as long as people are free to think for themselves.
I was speaking rhetorically, I know why everyone hates America. But my point is simply this: at this point in the development, you have US and Germany talking and saying this needs to be dealt with peacefully. At this point, we're really not talking about military action. No one's even put that on the table. What we have are members of the Non-proliferation treaty worried about proliferation. That's their right, because Iran also signed it. Simple as that. Whether or not they're in the right or their actions are correct is a whole 'nother matter. But they are acting within the bound of the treaty and precedent. Blaming America for the current meetings about Iranian nuclear development is misguided. In Iraq, it was America. In Iran, its the US, China, Russian, and the EU3. Saying "America has bombs, why shouldn't Iran" doesn't change the fact that in this case we're not talking about lone-gun agression by the US. Just hasn't happened.

I'm as liberal as the next guy. I have my qualms about Iraq. No one (in general), even Americans, like violence. No one wants to see villiages bombed. Unfortunately, sometimes that's one of the deterrents used against terrorists. Governments everywhere are still trying to figure out how to react to this kind of activity. As long as people air their political concerns with guns and bombs, you're going to have countries like America crack down. Whether right or wrong, it's going to happen.

As for Europe, I agree Europe hasn't been on the offensive, though there were soldiers in Iraq from time to time.
After the cold war..... there is a world. That's a lot better than no world.
benwhite wrote:
As for Europe, I agree Europe hasn't been on the offensive, though there were soldiers in Iraq from time to time.

There still are, soldiers of my country in example are active in both Iraq and Afghanistan, they just don't fight unless it's in self defense. I don't know what their current policy is when it comes to fighting rebels which are aggressive to the people, but in example in yugoslavia they didn't fight against the oppressor since they knew they were outnumbered to handle such a thing and no support was given.

Instead of fighting they are helping on rebuilding the countries. Another nice task of the military.
the world is safer but more countries have nukes
animefanlee wrote:
the world is safer but more countries have nukes

Everyone should have nukes, lets be equal Wink
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