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George Orwell - 1984

A very nice Book
George Orwell wrote this book 1948 as an vison of the future
...very interesting book...
Rolling Eyes
I wanted to read that book, but never got around to it yet.
That's the one with the "Big Brother" thing, right?
Oh, yeah! Big Brother, captivating story, a vision a little too close to America's own reality at this point...this book has it all.

I thought it was much better than Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" but they are both worth reading.

I just re-read 1984 a year ago or so and it frustrated me to no end to read about the same stuff the Bush administration has been doing these past few years!

Yeah the book doesn't come close to what 1984 was really like.. but it's starting to become more of a reality.
Has anyone heard about 'ASBO TV'????
Twas on the news, very scary. The councils are going to try putting CCTV on housing estates that all residents can watch.

People spying on each other? Policing each other?

Not to mention all the perverts and weirdos who could use it.
I got the book from Project Gutenberg....great read! Very Happy
Bist Master
1984.. Quite an interesting book actually. Although whether or not the Bush administration is actually getting to that point is extremely debatable, and should be saved for a politically based topic.

Either way, this book is definatly worth reading, even if you're not one of those political fanatics out there like myself Wink It really gets you to thinking whether freedom, or democracy for that matter, really exsists. It sure as heck made me think!

But hey, that might be because I live in Canada Razz
Has anyone seen the movie of the book? It's not too bad, eh? Very Happy
Bist Master
Actually, I watched the movie the week after I read it. It's well done. I don't normally enjoy movies that are based on books because they tend to rip stuff out of it to make it shorter as to make room for the rest, but this one, I couldn't really complain.
Just finished reading this a few days ago. What i found amazing about the book was at how The main character (Name slips my mind right now :/ ) progressed from being basically anarchist in hiding to complete government devotee - its progression, to me, only seemed to go over a few months, despite the book claiming it being seven years. If it's true, then i dont quite want to think about how this could acually happen in real life - thought's horrifying Sad
I was heavy into those books when i was 16.
I read 1984, brave new world, animal farm... oh and for the dutch speaking participants on the forum: "het reservaat" by Ward Ruyslinck.
That is an amazing book. I don't know if it's translated in English. If you ever find it and liked 1984, you definately should read it.
This book will never age. It is a perceptive look at life and politics. It is a fantastic depiction of current political domestic issues and it will remain for centuries. All the world's leaders should keep a copy of this book wherever they go. It would do them the power of good.
dostra wrote:
A very nice Book
George Orwell wrote this book 1948 as an vison of the future
...very interesting book...
Rolling Eyes

I liked the book a lot. But it is not just a vision of the future - it is a paraphrase of his contemporary as well. And I think a lot of paralleles can be found to our world of nowadays too, even if placed in front of a totally different set.
I like 1984 too. And to all who liked it: read Fahrenheit 451. Its very good as well, although I only know the movie.
Its in a future where everything is fire-resistant and the job of the firemen is to burn books because books are forbidden. So one day one of these firemen decides to take a book and read it instead of burning it. So this continues on and on.
You will see, a nice story.
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