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Mindless Self Indulgence

My favourite band ever. Cool
They aren't for everyone, I know that right now, and I can understand why some may hate them, however, I'm not one of them.

Their music is a hybrid of Atari driven(the computer not the group),Industrial,New Wave,Soul,Jungle,Hip Hop,and Punk with a venomous splash of Attention Deficit Disorder....aka... "industrialjunglepussypunk"
Crazy crazy crazy band. Gotta love them.

I understand they do a great live show, too. I know probably ten people who've seen them live. Keep missing them myself.

What do you think of their new album compared to their older stuff? I'm thinking "You'll Rebel to Anything" versus "Frankenstein Girls will seem Strangely Sexy." The new album is a lot more refined, but I miss the energy of the shorter songs on Frankenstein Girls.
I haven't seen them live either. This girl I knew, her name was Nessa, she said once you see them live, you can't go back listening to their CD because they are totally awesome when they play live.

Yeah, most of my favourite tunage from MSI is from Frankenstein Girls.
lol, However, I like all their stuff. Cool
Mindless Self Indulgence kicks ASS! My favourite songs of theirs... Hail Satan, Bring the Pain, and Seven Eleven. I think the last two are from Frankenstein Girls, not sure what Hail Satan's from.
MSI are the best band I've discovered this year, so much so that I forced others in my general vicinity to listen, and hooked my friends. It's mainly because they're so unique, I guess. It's refreshing to listen to something that isn't "OMG I LOVE YOU LET'S DO IT!" although their music does mention a lot of that activity...
yeh there well good.
my friends band supported them on tour recently!

didnt get cahnce to see them though
haha, yeah those guys are nuts, but funny. Interesting stuff. I guess they toured with SOAD a while back, that would have been an interesting show....
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