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American Companies, Indian Support

NOTE: i dont mean this to be racial or anything

ok, so yesterday my computer got all messed up and i had to call dell support. Well when they answer the phone call, its pretty obvoius to hear that they are in india. Ok so now i know why big companies in america do it. Because its cheap labor. Now my main point of this topic. 1.) How do the Indians feel and 2.) How do the Americans feel. Just wondering because i am sort of mad that companies just go and send all the jobs over to India. Thats why i stick with gateway. A good company and its support hotlines are in America!!!
It's not just American companies which have relocated their contact centres to India; I live in the UK and a lot of ours have done the same. In fact the company I work for has a number of contact centres in India. This is just the way of the world at the moment, the Indians can do it cheaper and are prepared to work harder.

It can be frustrating if the caller and Contact Centre Agent cannot understand each others accents (in my experience those broad Scottish accents have the hardest time when contacting India).

Having watched a documentary which compared two contace centres for the same company (one in UK and one in India) the Indian workers are a lot more committed to the job, and it is seen as a good job to have. In the UK Contact Centre work is not the best paid or most esteemed work anymore, so it makes sense to outsource it abroad.
We have the same problem in England. Many of our banks now operate call centres in India for a fraction of the wages that they would have to pay if they kept them at home. They say that this is good for customers because they can pass the benefits onto them. However, shold they not be boosting our own economy by putting money into the country?? There are millions of peope without work over here and I'm sure they would appreciate the chance to do some constructive work like this.
Yah, i think its terrible what they do. I mean i understand why, but i still think its terrible. They have to get the jobs back into their own countries. If they oursource jobs enough, eventually the big jobs will be outsourced and america will look like a complete fool for ruining itself. I hope it doesnt come to this one day, but i fear it might. Peoples greed for money, usually leads to their destruction
Even Down Under (Australia). It's huge in Call Centre companies and survey people. NO I DO NOT WANT TO TAKE A SURVEY
lol, it makes it a little better to see that its not only america, but then it makes it even worse. Indias economey if flurishing because of lazy people. I wish they would make laws against outsourcing phone jobs.
it really is annoying when either 1) you cant understand what they are saying or 2) they cant understand sometimes they just dont have a clue what they are talking about! Smile that goes for most call centres....anywhere lol Rolling Eyes
Well I am an Indian and the things you are saying are true. BUt then again its true that Indians do work hard. As for the accent it is a problem and I do think that ppl who work in call centres should be trained to speak in accordance with the client's accent. After all call centres are for cutomers only. But then again its vice versa. I work for a premier Indian Software Services company and we have a project with British Petroleum so I have to often call up the call centres of IBM and EDS who support Bp's hardware and its horrible. I can still understand UK accent but as far as US is concerned you have to concentrate really hard on what they say as half of the words are eaten out Razz.
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