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My review site

Hello, I've just finished my review site,
please check it out:
you wanna helpout with writing reviews for my site?
Please tell your friends that my website exists.
it's quite simple
What do you think I should improve?

Does a website need to be complicated before it's any good?
It doesn't need to be complicated to be good, by any means.

It does need to stand out, though, to get return traffic. You need something that a viewer's visual memory can attach to so they remember to head back there at some point.

If you aren't 'branded' in some way, you are nothing more than a white wall for people to graffitti.
I see, do you have any tips on what I should improve then?
I think that a top banner would be nice, merge some game pictures together and put your name on it. And I don't think the colours really match the theme of gaming but that's just my opinion.
Yes, I see what you mean, I'll try to create a banner for it then.
About the colors, I'll see if I can find a better combination, but it's not only for games, it's also for software.
That gives me an idea, maybe I can use different colors for games and software section. You think that's a good idea?
hmmmm... cool
great site.pls continue to improve it.
cool,it is good site ,pls improve it.
Interesting site......Cheap ad rates also.....The site could use some sprucing up though...Nothing to worry about in the short term. Keep up the good work my friend.
some picture's link are broken and i did not see it.please repair it.
I know what you mean, this will be gone when there is something written.
The most recent review will be published on that page with it's picture, but for now there is no review so therefor no picture.
Code of Ruin
The navigation is quite neat and can be figured out fast for people who have little experience with the internet.
The color scheme is quite sober but has the huge advantage that it is easy on the eyes. Like pointed out by the other; make your site stand out. Give it some eye candy. The overal impression is a pro web coder has been working at this.
Thirdly I wouldn't mind writing an article for you from time to time as long as I get to choose when. When you are interested send me a personal message.
Keep up the good work! Very Happy
Thank you for your reply, I'll see that I can improve my site a little.
Instead of the SGW Reviews at the top, a banner will be better

The navigation bar at the left needs improvement, maybe the corner round, dunno Cool
I'll see what I can do about the nav bar on the left.
I was thinking of doing the same thing altough my review site will review the *worst* Cool games on the internet.
I see that you've used the DEV cms???
What's DEV cms?

I've built up the site from a template, read about it in 'Cover Story 1'
Oh, sorry about that it looked strikingly similar to something else I saw.
I started a contest for making a banner for my website, so I will have one next week.
I hope it will lift up my graphical appearance.
I liked the design of your website! I loved the logo in the bottom which says "Hosted by Frihost". Keep up the good work! But I think you obviously have very less time to develop the content for it..isn't it?
nice site
Jeah, I don't have enough time anymore.
I also have another website where I need to work on too
and then there is gaming Smile and girlfriend Twisted Evil Smile
very easy to navigate. Quite simple and can be figured out quicklyf or people with little browsing experience.
Very subdued color scheme makes it easy on the eyes but may result in being aesy to forget by must do something to get people to remeber the site visualy! Give it some eye candy. I will say it has a profesional look to it. Over alll good job, Keep up the good work!
I think I have found a good image to put on there as a banner, I'll try it out and see what it gives.
i like the layout its really nice. some of the links are missing in the game, software, and website review pages, but im sure they will get fixed Wink .

You should change up the images in the about us and help us section. The "@" is great on the contact already. If you added some different graphics to kind of support the information you are providing on the help and about us pages it would help bring in more interest.

nothing much more just minor details Smile but i like it Very Happy
Thanks, I try to do my best to make it great.
What links are missing, cause it works fine on my PC, I know that there are some images that don't work, but it's because there are no images on those pages yet. Those will be there as soon as I have made a review in that section.
You have to create more download software and cool stuff..nice design..
Very simple.

But very professional.

Looks like The Macromedia Adobe Website,

I like it.
Great Navigation, but don't go over board on the nav.

Great work, make sure to fill it with 250mb of content!

I've used the template that was supplies with dreamweaver, I adjusted it so I could use it just for the thing I need. And yes it looks the macromedia site.

I've done a major update now, I've put another banner on the page now.
But I can't manage it to center it all, I just can't get the CSS right, anybody has an idea how this comes?
Bad Side
*The website is very simple ( well, simplicity is art Wink )
*Less interesting graphics(should add more)
*Layout doesn't match the contains.
*Well, I think it goes better on dark layouts.

Good Side
*Well, I like the ad "Hosted By Frihost"
*Good contains
*Anyway, i like it Laughing

My Advise
*The rest is OK, but the layout, please upgrade it or change it.
*Easier if you host it using any CMS or PHP/ASP/etc. (since it is a REVIEW site, its contain will becoming more and more everyday, and you will have difficulty on updating them. CMS doesn't need HTML knowledge Wink)
*Add in more sections.
*Reduce the size of the text.
*Use DNS domains (.com/.net/etc.) or free dns domain ( - Visitor can memorize your website URL easily.
*Be confident and be eager
*Lastly, goodluck and keep on improving!

I give you 6/10 Wink
OK, that's a very good explanation of how you see it. I'll see what I can do about the layout. And I allready thought about making the site with a server technology, but it's something I never tried out before.
I'll try to learn some more and then give it a try.
BTW, I've just finished updating the layout.
The pages are now optimized for using resolution 800x600, the page now is centered on larger resolutions.
Rick Boele
Yes, it is a very good explanation. I will try it imidiatly!

I've just finished the first review,
What do you think of the review?
What do you think about the writing?
sgwreviews wrote:
Jeah, I don't have enough time anymore.
I also have another website where I need to work on too
and then there is gaming Smile and girlfriend Twisted Evil Smile

both of them looks good Smile
but u know there are lots of sites like yours. u have to find some thing else for that.
very nice! It's really kewl! your doing a great job for your site man keep it up cheers!
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