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Handing PDF documments

Da Rossa
Hi dudes, my question in very simple.
I'd like to change the page "aspect ratio"/"format" of my pdf documments from this look:

To this:

I mean, I want to transform a 1-page sheet into a 2-page sheet, to save paper.

You don't need to change that... Just set pages per sheet to 2 it the Print menu - and there you go!
Da Rossa
Thanks! But.. heh. how exactely I do that? My Adobe Reader is in portuguese and the "set pages per sheet" may become very general when translating. Do I do this after clicking in the print button, and there I make these settings?
The point is that I don't have a printer set at the moment, but I'd like to make this conversion on the document just to view it.
Thanks Nyizsa!
If you use Adobe Reader 7, when you open the document look in the bottom right corner. There should be two square boxes next to each other. (Excuse the bad graphics):

Currently, it might be set at []

Click on the icon that looks like [] []

This will work for viewing, but not printing, and it will not save the changes to the document unless you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat.

Hope this helps!
Da Rossa
Yeah, thanks, but already knew that.. Perhaps I did not explain well:
I don't know if this is a synonymous of 'postscript', but I'd like to merge 2 pages in one, from the vertical to the horizontal direction as exposed above. The rectangles on the right bottom are only view options.

This is because I have a 120-page PDF that is certainly not comfortable to read in the monitor, then I'd like to print it in a "bookform". Therefore the page 1 and 2 should be printed in front and verse respectively, page 3 comes by page 1 as page 4 comes by page 2, got it?

Thanks Very Happy Very Happy
So, when you open the Print dialog from the File menu, the first line says the type of your printer, or the printer attached to the computer you want to print it on. There must be a Properties button around this line. If you click on that, an other dialog pops up, where you can adjust paper size, resolution, and some other things. There must be a spinbox also (a box with a number in it and up / down arrows on the right side) saying x pages per sheet. If you're lucky, and the printer you intend to use is a state-of-the-art model, you may even find a Booklet printing option. That means that it will be printed in such a way that you can staple it in the middle and you get a real booklet. (First printed page, side 1: last page, first page, side 2: second page, last-1 page, and so on.)
Good luck!
Da Rossa
That's it!! Thanks! Very Happy
If you do want to create a PDF file like that, instead of print it in the way you like, here are two packages that you should think.

It is able to print up to 4 pages in one page

It creates a virtual printer. Your output will be transformed into a PDF file in the format that you want.
Wow, that helped me too..Thanks a lot. I think fineprint is really good.
Da Rossa
hmm.. where do I get a non-trial version? Btw... are they shareware as I'm thinking they r?
CutePDF is freeware, and an awesome app -- thanks for pointing it out, headlong.

DaRossa, get it here: (the two links on the left side)
Da Rossa
Thanks so much!! Very Happy
Da Rossa
Thanks so much!! Very Happy
I use PDF converter to JPEG.
and print in with ACDSee 2 picture in one page .
If want to save i use macromedia flash paper to get Paper from printing and save to pdf .
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