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Tips for how to work out


I am currently doing my Bachelot of Sports and can assist people if they want any tips on how to train for different puproses.

I have been training martial arts for 14 years, and I have been a Tae Kwon-Do instructor for 11 years. I also do a lot of cardio and resistance(weight) training. I am specializing in the fitness industry now, and will become a personal trainer/fitness instructor when I finnish my degree. So if you need any tips on how to train, what to eat or other things related to training, I can give some pointers.
Just here to help.Very Happy

Just remember that all people are different, so the information I supply are guidelines. For a full out training program you should talk to a PT or some other kind of instructors....Smile

How would one train for a really long walk.. Like a cross country trek?
Well, it depends a bit on what kind of treking it would be. Are we talking about a long day trip, or devral days with big backpack?
And how much time do you have to train before you go on the trip?

In general, I would say that you need to start off with a great deal of varied cardiovascular trainig. (cycling, running, rowing, walking etc.)
Every training session should be minimum 30 minutes, but preferable approx 60 min. Depending on how fit you are, you should train from 2-4 times per week. The more fit, the more times per week.

Then as your fitnesslevel builds up, you should start walking long distances. Start of with maybe 2-3 hours walks, and then increase in time as you feel more fit. And you might even consider using a backpack that has some weight to it.(if that is relevant for your treking plans) Very Happy

And remeber to eat/drink a lot of carbohydrates, as this gives energy to the muscles so you can keep going for a period of time.

Hope this helps. Very Happy

How might I go about training for cycle racing?

My season will include:
1hr - 4hr races
Some 20-25min time trials
Track events
(2mins - 30mins)
Gut wrenching hill climbs
monkeystravels wrote:
How might I go about training for cycle racing?

Well, obviously you need a lot of time on the bike. And if you are looking for a basic program, you should do some resistance training as well as cycling.

I would start of with some cardio training, maybe 3-4 times per week. And then maybe do 1-2 sessions of weight training with 12-15 reps/3 set(not to much weigts, and 2-4 minutes rest between each set). Then after 4-6 weeks, you might reduce the cardio training and increase the weight training. This will give you strength. And as you get closer to the competitions(4-6 week out) you should reduce the weight training and start to do longer sessions on the bike. (1-3 hour sessions might work).

The last 1-2 weeks or so before the competition, you might consider slowing down, so that your body can rest so you can get maximum energy in the race. During this time you train only 2-4 times per week.(Keep the intensety moderate and the volume low).

But training is individual. These are guidelines only, and things that would effect the training program are things like your fitness level, how much time you got before the race, and how your body is used to the training.

I hope this helps a little bit. I am sorry I can't be more spesific, but it shoud give you a general idea about how to set ut a long term ptogram.

Thanks Morten.

My training isnt very scientific, but it works.

As a Polish pro explained to me:

In the winter you train to be strong
In the summer you train to be fast.

Which translates into long steady rides and some big(er) gear training.
Soon Ill start doing fast 2hr training rides and some indoor interval training. + 1 or 2 long steadier rides.
When the season begins the racing will be the icing on the cake, and Ill pick up some form (Im aiming at mid-late season for best performance).

I hadnt really thought too much about weights, I will look into it.

Thanks again!
monkeystravels wrote:
Thanks Morten.

In the winter you train to be strong
In the summer you train to be fast.

This sounds good. And to help get strong, weight training can be an option. But it seems you have got a good plan of how to do your training.

No worrys. Glad to help Very Happy

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