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How to make EASY MONEY...

Hi to everyone...

I'm new here trying to get some free webspace with no ads...
What am I trying to publish on the web?

An new strategy in FOREX to make easy money!
Return profit ~100% every year.

If anyone wants more information please ask..

FOREX means foreign exchange and my study is based
on the EUR-USD rate.
How to have foolishness beaten out of you. Its easy. If you want more information please ask.
I don't believe there's such a thing like "easy money"...

u can see my website first (the study I mean) and then u can
decide if i'm full of shit. it's not ready yet but i will let's u know
when it will be...

if ur not interesting ... u loose.

the most interesting thing is that u
don't know anything about it, yet u
already have an opinion about it!
yatria wrote:
if ur not interesting ... u loose.!

WOOO.. then I win!!

i just want to build a website, publish my work,
and then we'll see. I'm thinking to give free
buy/sell signals at the begining. I want to give the
chance to everyone to evaluate the method first...
Then if he likes to continue it will be a fee.

These are my plans...
I don't believe in easy money either... and even if it were possible, why would you want to make it the "easy" way? Call me old fashion, but I'd much rather work for what I'm earning instead of just being handed it.
ummm .. easy come easy go..

And i dont really getya, whats this post about?... Are you looking for someone to help you, or is it just your plan for advertising? because all your asking is if anyone is interested in... ermm.. well.., something.

Do you know anything about html?
I have seen an awful lot of "making easy money" stuff in my time, and not a one was "easy money".

none the less though, would be interesting to see your concept.

oh, just a question, what is your definition of "easy money"?

hi again,

all the information along with images and statistics
about the system would be published in the website..

I told you it would be free the first months just to give it
an evaluation and try it. My point is advertising ofcourse.

Here is not the best forum to advertise it. There are other
forums, forex-specific. Even though, if anyones believes
that he wants to try it, please be my guest...

It's easy money!
Definition of easy money:

EUR-USD rate changes like a stock price.
So the system bets on some signals to make some profit.

In order to follow the system someones needs to open
an account in some forex (foreign-exchange) online trader
and then follow the system advices (signals) when to buy
and when to sell. To open an account there is a minimum
deposit at about 200$ depending the forex trader.

The point is to double the money (80-100%) in a year.
How much money, it depends on you: from 200$ to ....

The only drawback (for me anyway):
You won't have to play everyday, but you will need to check
every day the rate in case you must play.
About my profile:

I'm a computer engineer with PhD in signal processing. 33 years old.
I do know a lot about programming (visual c++) but i don't know a lot about php and mysql in order to build the site.
(u see i'm a microsfot fan- frontpage and sqlserver)

If anyones has some online guides (manuals) to suggest please do.
As to those who believe that "there is not such thing as easy money"
Let me just say a few things:
There are MANY,MANY ways to make easy,fast money.How?well, thats not up to me to tell you.Just thing of the holes of the system.Then fill them up with your own special way.Do this, and get lots of cash fast.Use the system to make money for you. How do you believe that 1000000 people are currently rich in the us?Because they Worked REALLY,REALLY hard???O!spare me!.All it needs, is find a hole, thing of a plan 'to fill it in an apropriate way' work hard on this idea(the only part of working hard) and suddently, you get a lot of money!
P.S. : most times, easy money, equals to illegal money.Thats a drawback that you can do nothing about it sr Smile
There is no such thing as easy money, you will get stung one day.... work hard get lucky and you should be ok... apart from that, the rest are mainly scams
If there was such a thing people would soon know about it, and then it would be too late.
Get a job, earn an honest living.
I'm teacher working for the goverment (full-time)
and I'm also teaching to the University (part-time).
I have a lot of free time to have my own hobbies...
(as a teacher I work only 4 hours every day)

These hobbies are:
Fishing during the summer.. and "prediction" all the year long.

Really, what's your occupation?
im not interested in foriegn cash
hey thought u said you're an engineer...and now you say you're a teacher?

i've been playing forex on and off...with some success, so what's your roi?
Pheonix wrote:
Get a job, earn an honest living.

I totally agree with you

these called "easy money" methods are not honest

Try to build an intesreting website with a rich conetent and make revenues from ads!
Arbitrators have done this since the dawn of finance. But no way there's a guaranteed way to make 100% annual revenue.

Everyone who have basic economics understanding, knows that in a free market extraordinary interests is only gained when there's extra risk involved. The higher the promised gain, the bigger the risk must be taken to achieve them.

If there really was a low risk way to make 100% annuall interests, it would been absorbed by the market in very short time (Adam Smith describe that as the invisible hand in he's wealth of nations). Sorry, I don't belive in your method. Sure, some people may come in the front page of the finance newspapers, but then they've taken risks, huge risks
i dont accept
Shade of Blue
The best way to get easy money is to....become a jazz musician like me!

Big bucks there!

Anyway, yatria, if you want any respect, you need to learn the standard rules of spelling and grammar. Until then, you will be ignored and dismissed by all, and with good reason.
There is no such thing as easy money you don't generate yourself.

Why would anyone allow others in on their scheme if it were honest, over keeping it to themselves?

=> Jess Black
naz wrote:
I don't believe there's such a thing like "easy money"...


i accept of you

i don't think so too

how many you have paid

how many you will get
There are sure ways to get fast money. Just that we are not smart enough to think of it.
India is not there man, avant cash sucks.
Easy money generally came with frauds. If you want to make some money, you have to work for it. The more money you want, the more you have to work.

Think about Tew, the creator of the million dollar home page. He is now a millionnaire. But, he worked hard, travelled around the world, sleeped 2 hours a night to get there.

Then put your gloves on and start thinking and working!
boringest said...
hey thought u said you're an engineer...and now you say you're a teacher?

Maybe you missed the part that I'm teaching to the University too...
I don't know about your country but here it's an easy thing to accomplish.
You need a PhD, 5 years of work on a research institution, and 3 publications on major journals.
Oh, believe me I'm an engineer.

Shade of Blue said...
if you want any respect, you need to learn the standard rules of spelling and grammar

About my english, ok it's not perfect but it's not my native language..
so what? my mathematics it's not good for that?

I told you that it would be free (totally free) for a couple of months...
Just give it a try... who knows, maybe it works!
about the university...
it's NOT an easy thing to accomplish
boringest wrote:
hey thought u said you're an engineer...and now you say you're a teacher?

i've been playing forex on and off...with some success, so what's your roi?

He said he had a background in computer engeneering. And then that his job was teaching.
man, I wish there was an easy way...
That's right..

I'm a computer engineer with a PhD in computer engineering.
(I'm from greece, see NTUA)
My PhD thesis is about signal processing.
Signal processing has everything to do with forex...

I was working for 5 years at a research institution,
got tired, and decided to start teaching (computers in technical schools).
But my desire is to teach (full-time) at the university.
It's not an easy thing to accomplish.
Fow the moment I'm only teaching part-time at the university.

But i don't understand what's all this discussion about my background...

Everyone who wants to check the system it would be TOTALLY free
at the begining. This I think it's the most important thing.
There would also be a lot of statistical and other evaluation of the system
from 1996 til now...
with google adsense Laughing
How can I start a poll about this subject ?

"Who believe and who doesn't"
yatria wrote:
How can I start a poll about this subject ?

"Who believe and who doesn't"

I guess 99% don't belive - but you only need 1 idiot pr 100 to have a fantastic revenue on your website Smile
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