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Ok... My website

(Link removed untill i update)

Ok i would basicly lik eyou to <U>suggest</U> What may go with my website... Or what i should add, the layout etc... anything will do (its only the front page at the moment)
Nutorious wrote:

Ok i would basicly lik eyou to <U>suggest</U> What may go with my website... Or what i should add, the layout etc... anything will do (its only the front page at the moment)

I suggest making the banner a little smaller and then centering the text beneath the image. That way when you enter the site you can read all the writing at once instead of having to scrollbars.

I also would give it a title. If you don't know how to do this then follow this:

1. open index.html
2. beneath the <head> tag add this - you can change Nutorious to whatever you like:



I would also suggest adding a copyright notice just for protection.

Do you have permission from Bondings about the films? If not then you need to ask.

HTML is not enabled in this forum here which is why <u> does not work. Use BBcode instead, (by replacing the "<" and ">" with "[" and "]".
nice site... You should put more content and distingush ur nav a lil more... all else is okay... except banner a lil funny
Empty... kinda childish, reminds me of my attempts at sites...
Try giving it more synamic look, change fonts... it looks like a 5 sec's webpage.
You should learn CSS. It makes your work more easier. Also you should add alt to images and other options to tags with is needed by validation. visit W3C and W3Schools. Study while making, that gives a good boost Wink
Bakusozoku wrote:
Empty... kinda childish, reminds me of my attempts at sites...

my thoughts exactly....sure brings back memories heh
Not to be mean, but I agree, it reminds me of some of my first sites. It's lacking something. Probably adding something behind them to distinguish the content from the nav would help too. And maybe using a differnt font.
ADD: The banner at top is off-aligned in my resolution, and in 800 x 600 you have to scroll left and right
I hate to be hard on you, and judging by I don't even have a website of my own, a bit hypocritical, but your website was just horrible. I mean, I the links weren't buttons, and the whole lightning banner thing didn't do it for me either. If you are going for a pitch black background and demonic lighting thingy site, then why put card tricks and other junk like that on there? I am sure you really tried on it, and I hate to be so critical of you, but I personally believe the only way for you to improve is for people to give solid criticisms, not just saying "cool site man!" Anyways, I hope you improve your site soon.
The site is quiet normal for those who are just begining. It seems to me that you're not prepared in making your site. I would suggest writing first in a scratch paper for your content. Brooding of what will be place in your site while facing the computer is a waste of electricity and exposing a lot in radiation, but writing them down in a paper could organize them well. You can draw a tree in a scratch for your navigation links. Good day!
Like already said, add a title to your site. This is crucial.
This banner is really big... You should make it smaller and, in my opinion, remove those lightings...

For a beginner it is ok... But try to improve, never be satisfied with you do. You should always try to improve your things. Try to learn more some HTML and CSS. is a great site to learn this.

Good luck with your site.
You don't seem to be very advanced at desiging sites, so I suggest perhaps downloading a simple layout - such as from: [url][/url] and using one of theirs. As you get to be more advanced, start messing around with the coding and looking at how other people code and design graphics to get ideas and then create your site from scratch. For now, I suggest using a template as a guide.
Is your course a Computer Science, Information technology or others that are related to computer? Self-studying is a little bit difficult. If you try to design or developed a web site without the basic knowledge on how to build them, you will find yourself dumb at it. But if the JavaScript coding in your site was made by your own skill, you could grab some web books and study them.
Ok thankyou for your opinions, i will try do all of them, Yes i am learning, i had previously did my site on geocities so i didnt really learn much about html, and yeah i know it isnt a very good site thats why i needed everyone to comment to say what needed to be done.. thankyou
how do you people think of new and unique designs for a site...? i want to make a dazzling site and i know how to im very good with html but i jst dont knw how to think of a design... where do you's get ideas from...?
please email me at and tell me some ways to help me think of designs..
you could surf sites offering similar content and get some ideas... but knowing html alone is like saying i have good knowledge on how to operate a stove, i want to make great dishes... design is a subject warranting years of training at art schools, it's going to take a bit more effort in honing creativity if you're not trained in that academic... meanwhile, keep on working on the details, and try more ideas. hope this helps. Smile
Now the site looks much better Very Happy
One tip more: Hide links which is not ready! Show them, when pages are ready!
With PHP pages would be easier to modify and you need less to work, but work would be better Wink
You also should add one meta tag:
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
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