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is perfect happiness perpetually possible?

is perfect happiness perpetually possible?
Yes, but not until the afterlife
 40%  [ 4 ]
Yes, its always possible to be happy
 20%  [ 2 ]
No, but I'll take all the happiness I can get. Gimme gimme gimme
 30%  [ 3 ]
No, sadness is better. I'm all emo all the time.
 0%  [ 0 ]
Everything is a matter of perspective.. naturally my failure to be the richest person is a failure of perspective. This is also why I cannot levitate.
 10%  [ 1 ]
Happiness is orgiastic trist. I'm a licentious wh0re(monger) with debaucherous tendancies. But no one has perpetual stamina.
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 10

Another poll in the vague and trite series that are ever so popular on frihost.
Perpetual happiness can only be realised through perpetually working at perpetual happiness.
To know happiness is also to know sadness.
one cannot be realise without the other.
you cannot have the Ying without the Yang.
you sound like a wiccan
gonzo wrote:
you sound like a wiccan

I am what I am.
I am Jared.

wiccan or
or any other
Nothing can be truley prepetual, from human emotions to physical reactions, the laws of thermodynamics prohibit it... that is until the heat death of the universe, but that dosen't seem all the happy to me, either.
I guess it really depends. But I highly doubt the human emotions can always be perpetually happy, I think you're bound to feel the bad things. That is until heaven.
I you found happiness, I am gratful to introduce Koh Chang at Thailand it a beautiful place. If you know Phuket Island, this place is subarea and attractive visitor. I have found website to introduce Kho Chang I will present to you now:

Only second to Phuket in size, Ko Chang (Kochang)off Trat has increasingly become on a world tourist map. The island of 429 square kilometres, once seemingly lost in time, was recently awakened when it was decided to be developed as a new environmentally-sound world-class tourist destination.
Ko Chang (Kochang) was in 2003 given a special administration status facilitating a less bureaucratic management while the government would finance infrastructure like wastewater treatment facilities, garbage treatment sites and piers.
The island has therefore awoken to emerging development projects, mostly new resorts. According to the latest survey by the Trat Tourist Business Association, Koh Chang has 106 resorts that account for some 3,100 rooms.
Some 80% of the island is registered as Ko Chang (Kochang) National Marine Park. It is the largest of the 52 islands under the jurisdiction of Trat. About 5,000 residents live on private lands on the coast around the mountainous island.
The ring road on the island is almost completed. Only a three-kilometre stretch between Bang Bao Village on the west and Rong Than Village on the east is undone as the stretch is in the protected area of the national park.
In the old days Ko Chang (Kochang) was peaceful and seemingly lost in time. The island was studded with only nondescript accommodation that resembled a makeshift house: Thatched roof and coconut trunk-shelled walls. Visitors were only backpackers and those in search of solitude. Ko Chang (Kochang) could be treated as a castaway island that gave them a complete escape. Today, a kind of escape can be had only with a little more effort.
Those who travelled to Ko Chang (Kochang) over a decade ago can reminisce converted fishing boats carrying them from Laem Ngob pier to beaches on the western side of the island once or twice a day. The ride was long and tedious. At low season, boat access was not much to choose.
Today, it’s a far cry from those early years. Access to the island, even in monsoon season, is no longer a big deal thanks to the efficient ferry services.
The name Ko Chang (Kochang), or Elephant Island, derives from its sheer size-30 kilometres long and 14 kilometres wide. It is situated eight kilometers off Laem Ngob district in Trat.
Ko Chang’s coastlines are dotted with lots of gorgeous beaches-some straight as a ruler while some undulated like a wave in action.
The island is also a wonderland of colourful corals, clear blue water, fascinating wildlife and marine life, high peaks, steep cliffs, scenic waterfalls, lush jungles and undisturbed rainforest.
However, Ko Chang (Kochang) is just the beginning of a journey to the hidden wonders of its fifty-one sister islands.The wonders are waiting for you to explore!


Please visit Thailand and you meet a happiness

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How much did they pay you to announce it?
I'm just happy.

we can never be perfectly happy in this life but there's plenty of times when I'm perfectly content with who I am, and that's all that matters.

We can never strive for perfection, perfection is a state of being. When you realise you can never achieve the greatest, only then do you realise that the greatest is already in you.

you can never try to believe, you can only believe in a trier.

Relativity, my friends, holds a confusing perspective of reality.
If you stand still and look around, the world flies around you, or appears to be speeding fast. If you're speeding fast through life you will think the slow lane are going the wrong way and they should change.

Perfection is the light speed of the world, we can never achieve it by laws of nature and laws of imperfection.
Those who attempt to reach this speed realise how the limit of perfection seems so far away. The successful people see success in a tomorrow, which never comes, and seems to be increasingly farther away. Relativity again.
Those who stand back in life as onlookers and introverts will find perfection in the exact same tomorrow sense, since perfection is identical to both onlookers and world-class performers.

General realitivity.
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