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3 questions

I'm not sure where to post these so I figured General chat would suffice.

Question#1) Did I read somewhere in these forums that I am NOT allowed to post a website made entirely of Shockwave/Flash? (as a side note I would include a link to FriHost in everysite).

Question#2) I know cPanel is overloaded, but are there any plans on putting up another server for cPanel?

Question#3) Does Frihost offer any paid services for more space/bandwidth/options?

I apologize if I posted off topic, please let me know if I did and it won't happen again.
1: From what I know; nope, have seen other full flash sites posted as well so.
2: No idea on this one.
3: Nope, besides that, if you would want something like that you could better just go for a payed service in general, kinda depending on what you need you could in example even get hosts offering you 25GB and 500GB bandwith for 7.95 a month or so with a lot of basic features and stuff like that. Hosting has become pretty affordable for everyone so buying extra on a free host for real life cash wouldn't be required.
1,3: no
  1. You can host a site built completely in Flash or completely without. There is no compulsion.
  2. Currently, we don't need another server. If the number of members requesting for hosting increases drastically, then we may need another server, and we will then decide on whether to use DirectAdmin or cPanel. As of now, there is nothing solid that can be said about this.
  3. No, Frihost does not offer any paid services at all. All members get free hosting, and all members get the same plan. You cannot even use your FRIH$ to buy extra bandwidth or space.
l've never heard of this rule, but it seems as long as none of it is copyrighted (not yours anyway) and you don't exceed space/bandwidth then it should be fine Neutral

Last l read, Bondings liked DA alot more (as do l Neutral) so if there is going to be another server, chances are it will be DA.

And no, not yet anyway Neutral, there might be someday as Bondings has mentioned that he is working on a shop system (this is the purpose of Frih$)
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