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The World.... is within us?

The World.... is within us?

The burning desire, the unexpressable sensation that drives me always to travel the world.. right from New Zealand to Desert of Sahara, Australia, USA, Spain and what not. Once I read a visitor Guidebook for Melbourne city that took me and myself literally on the land of Melbourne. I felt like I was walking on "little collins street", I was taking a view of the yarra river in the evening when the sun was shading his beautiful images on earth. I felt my self driving on st kilda road in a car... though each of these each merely a fantasy but they burn up a fire within myself.

I have travelled various places in my country India. I have visited famour Taj Mahal (one of the 7 wonders of ancient world), visited the capital of India Delhi and its famous palace, visited deserted state of Rajsthan and its beautiful palaces which while visiting made me feel the sounds of horses which were used by the Kings of Mevad (Rajsthan) centuries before. I felt love while visiting the temple of Love - Taj Mahal... how beautiful creation it is made for love!!

I visited the beautiful gardens of tea in south India. When I looked at them, I saw the beauty of nature dwelling within myself. That cold atmosphere of its hills, those rivers, valleys, mountains.. Aah! I would never forget in my life.

I visited the most religious places, Haridwar and Rishikesh. I felt the presense of God there, literally sensed it. The climate and atmosphere of Haridwar is so holy and pure that I just couldn't believe that I spent a week over there. It felt like just couple of days which came and went without my conciousness. Those chanting sanyasis, those legendary tales of Gods and Goddesses made me feel up high in the sky.

This desire within myself of travelling and visiting various places drives me like nuts. In my dreams, I see myself visiting the Glaciers of New Zealand, River frozen up, walking in between the frozen ocean with nobody around in miles away!! At the same, I see the dreams of walking on the streets of casino city Las Vegas!! Those heavenly lightening casions, those beautiful women, that roaring culture... Aah! just unimaginalble!!

Gosh... so much beauty is stored within planet earth! I'm sure, of course I would never be able to visit those places of my dreams but tha burning desire will always remain burning.... the same way.....forever.
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