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what is the diffence between WiMax and 802.11n

A while back I read a lot of stuff about WiMax. but lately I haven't heard any reports about progress on the WiMax standard. but just today I heard some rumors about 802.11n being accepted as a wireless standard next week. I know what WiMax is, but I'm not real sure what 802.11n is. what is the difference between the two standards? which one is better? WiMax sounded very promising.
WiMax is a long-range standard, and it prodominantly to be used when setting up wireless high-speed internet connections in areas where Broadband/ADSL will not be installed. This is mainly expected to be in more rural areas where the cost of upgrading the telephone exchange to support ADSL wouldn't be covered by the expected revenues from ADSL subscribers.

802.11n is another standard like 802.11b or 802.11g. In terms of its range, it is better than 802.11g, but it is still meant as a short-range system (ie. you would install it in your home or office for your own use rather than in the center of a town for public use). It has higher data speeds for network transfer and works using a MIMO system (multiple in multiple out) to improve both speed of transfer and range. This is achieved by using two antennae that are "pointed" in the direction that the signal is required. 802.11n is backwards compatible with 802.11a/b/g, but its approval with the WiFi alliance has not yet been set in stone.

My advice would be not to buy any "pre-n" equipment, but to wait until it has been fully ratified. "Pre-n" equipment may not be compatible with the final standard, so you would not be able to buy new adaptors etc for your computers a few months after ratification.
cool, thanks for the explanation. what kind of speed gains are we talking about with the 802.11n? and is WiMax the same thing as 802.16? but anyway thanks for the explaination. that clears everything up. I wouldn't even think of buying a pre-standard piece of hardware like pre-n.
ammonkc wrote:
what kind of speed gains are we talking about with the 802.11n?

Up to 108Mbps apparently

ammonkc wrote:
is WiMax the same thing as 802.16?

I don't think they're the same (yet) but apparently the companies developing the technology are trying to make them compatible with one another.
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