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Its been a while I know and I'm sorry....

Lets see where do I start first my computer got the blue screen of death and I couldn't get into my main SATA hard drive. So then I tried loading windows on my IDE drive so I could all my business documents off the Sata drive and that didn't work. So I had to go buy a new hard drive to put windows on and that finally worked but I had activated windows to many times so I had to go through that ordeal. Now I got most of the stuff I need on the Sata drive as storage cause I couldn't format it to put windows on but who cares right except the 3rd hard drive I have is IDE and has all my storage stuff on it and I don't have enough power to hook it up right now....

To make things even more complex and crazy my wife of 3 years told me that she wants to move 3200 miles back to Florida because after 8 months she doesn't like it here anymore. I spent 8 years there for her. I have a grandfather who is dieing and tells me everyday he can die in peace now that he knows I'm back. Oh did I tell you she is 4 months pregnant with my child. We are living in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada right now if I didn't say that already. We are having a hard time financially right now but I have complete confidence I can turn things around but she seems to really want to run back to her mommy. Who I had to live with for 2 years already. As far as I'm concerned I would be just as insecure there cause I know nobody or what I would do for work. Things have been crazy and I am sorry I haven't been able to post much but hopefully this will give a bit of insight as to why.
If anyone has any comments or suggestions please don't hesitate.
at least nothing ate your homework
haha lol!
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