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The Matrix

The first matrix film was the best and the second and third film were ok but not great
I think I have to expound on this a little.

It is not that Matrix was the best, Reloaded a little weirder or Revolutions stupid.

No, it is the fact that the entire concept of the Matrix storyline was so unique that people have been and will continue to talk about it for years and decades to come.

It is unlike any other concept of it's time and it's effects are still being stolen by movie makers to get the ground breaking effects that the movies had.

I applaud the originality of the Brothers and hope that they continue to break new ground with their ideas.
Didnt like the movie, dont like keanu............. and what i heard is that them 2 brothers stole the movie script of this woman who wrote this in the 80`s.. she claimed millions for it but thats almost like a half year ago i heard sumthin bout it tho

I Liked more of Matrix 1 and 3!

matrix was a classic. too bad they couldnt keep up the good work.
What can I say - First part is uncomparable, something really orginal, classic for movie history. Rest 2,3 - after watching I felt that there was something missing, they didn't surprised me and without FX - I don't know if there last some value . Great shame, it could be amazing trylogy.
The first was the best...
Kombo wrote:
The first was the best...

The three too!

Rolling Eyes
the first one was the best in my opinion because of the concept novelty. I think that they definitely took a wrong direction in the 3rd movie. It could have turned into something really great and instead the ending kinda left a bitter taste in your mouth because it was so anti-climatic. You were expecting a life altering and novel perception and all you got was jack instead.
I like the first one the most and the other two weren't as good.The end of three was like watching an episode of DBZ:/,and two wasn't that great.

I do like the Animatrix a lot more the 2 and 3.And the Second Renissance is so cool...
Matrix was created for idea
Matrix 2 and 3 - for money
i liked all the movies. the first one ofcourse was best, the second one was just a fillermovie, and the third one was to end the trilogy.

if you look at it as one movie instead as three, its really great. and its a great concept, and it will probarbly be the best movie for some time now ^_^
They should not have made 2nd and 3rd part.
first one was best because it had a purpose - tell men that the reality can be not so real as real reality Razz 2&3 were only continuation that tells the story... badly. why? because it hadn't got the climate - in 1 we can see: "oh, they are stupid - how this woman could do that? another fightning film" and then "she escaped by the phone? what the hell's going on?!". no such things in 2&3... also too much computer effects IMHO
My whole beef with the Matrix Trilogy is that the W. brothers could have seriously said something really profound... the stage was set and they didn't deliver... all we got was some King Arthur/Christ rehash that didn't resonate with the audience... even though the second film was semi-crappy... it did provide a great filler for the 3rd movie which should have blown our socks off
Well, I'm a little suspicious to say anything about The Matrix, 'cos I loved each and averyone of them. I love Keanu Reeves and I couldn't just not love these films.
But I have to say that the first one was a little bit confusing, the kind that you have to watch a few times before you can actually know what it's about. The second one was all about special effects, which is good and made it so adventurous, so exciting. The third one is a little bit boring in some parts, but the battle in Zion is really something!
I think that one can say that it's a hell of a trilogy! Laughing
I think all the matrix were great... lots of action in all of them...
Well from the start whey wanted to make all 3, but WB wouldn't let them,
I love the whole Matrix Movies, it is more than just 3 you know
first is wonderful and third have more advantange,eg.war between robots and rebellions.
I like all the 3 Matrix, a lot of action.
minmin wrote:
The first matrix film was the best and the second and third film were ok but not great

I agree,I link Matrix 1.
Yeah i reckon The Matrix movies are great i have beem through The Matrix Exhibit at movie world and there is all there props and all from the movie in there.
I prefer the first part. The second part was quite ok but not even close to the first part. The third part was even bad.
I am a passionate fan of The Matrix. I love the entire trilogy (and the continuance as seen in The Matrix Online). My favorite within the trilogy would hae to be Reloaded (2). I like the introduction of The Merovingian and Architect - probably most two most favorite characters aside from the Oracle and Morpheus.

I'd say I know all there is to know about the Matrix, but that's a statement that can never be said. The Matrix continues to be one of the most amazing films and story concepts ever. People like stories with conclusions, and lots of filling. I don't - I like stories that "leave you hanging". I like stories that trap you in your own mind and leave you running around looking for an exit. The Matrix Trilogy is that sort've story.

I do agree that some things within the franchise were used as a ploy to get money, but they did continue the story a little (i.e. Enter the Matrix). I wouldn't recommend The Matrix Online unless you're a serious fan of the Matrix. I definitely don't recommend the game to serious doesn't live up to par with the likes of Final Fantasy, Warcraft, or Everquest.

hmm... Very Happy
I beleave that the first one was so good simply because it's the first and people don't know what to expect. The second and the third one were also good, but it wasn't something new, people know what to expect. That somehow make those 2 parts less interesting the the first one.

We always want something new.
I'll have to agree that the first matrix was indeed the best, partly because
no one has seen anything like that before. BUT!!!!

I would have to seriously challenge the question of splitting the Matrices.
The trilogy is one story, one movie. It's a solid concept and most of the
people didn't get s... It somehow communicates the inevitability of the
mathematical equation, in particular it's outcome or solution. This is
how mother nature works. What I'm trying to say, is that if you
refrain a little from simple-minded thinking, you might see all three
parts in harmony adding to each other a little bit, and summing up
into a pretty cool story.

Naturally, the hip-action formulation of this concept gets MEGA-KUDOZ.
I have seen the first movie with a passion that was missing for the second and third. For sure the fact that the first movie was unique in its plot, played a role in how people judged the following two episodes. I agree that you need to consider the whole three movies as "one big split movie"

Matrix is and will be a "cult" movie like "Blade Runner" two decades ago...
I loved all the movies even though there were some scenes that could have been left out.

I always thought it was a modern day "Tron" with Tolkien's idea that caused him to write Lord of the Rings.

I liked all three as they all went together .... obviously the original was the best since it was a completely new idea then, but I love them all
second is lame and third is really bad
minmin wrote:
The first matrix film was the best and the second and third film were ok but not great

i agree the first fim was cool and i think the other 2 were a let down and could have been improved insead of setting it on saving the world they could have had a better story line
I have a degree in Matrixology Laughing

I love all 3, and if you where a real fan you can tell by my site name
One of the best and weirdest storyline I have ever seen in a movie...

Kinda leaves you confused and asking mind boggling questions whether it is true or not... Are we in the matrix right now? lolz Shocked Cool
I think the whole series was well written, and since it was all written before the first film was produced, I don't think that the second two films were made "just for the money." I think the creators made the series as a political comentary on the state of the world today in the form of a fictional story. Much like the "Star Wars" series...
I like the concept of those movies. It is a science fiction story, but all of the elements in it "could" be real. It isn't a cheap action movie, it has a story!
I like all 3 of them Smile

James Smile
I liked all the films, but and the best most enlightening one is the ANIMATRIX.

Already they had attended Question

It is very good. Mixture has filmed with livened up drawing and also counts to all the history of Matrix points that in the others had not been said.

They see valley the penalty Exclamation
All three were highly entertaining for me. I'm bewildered why others dislike the last two.
matrix No 1 is the best
I thought the matrix movies were exceptional and well thought out. They completely messed with my mind for days after i saw it. I saw the animatrix also which was a prelude to the matrix series. It was an anime of what happened before the matrix was implemented into in what was shown on the big screen.
if you haven't seen the animatrix you need to. it is a prelude to the 3 movies and is completely mind boggling. its one trippy cartoon that twists reality.
i agree wif :

matrix 2 & 3 was created for money.

infact, i think matrix 2 wasnt needed at all. they could just made another movie to end the story to matrix 1.
I absolutely loved the Matrix 1 and Animatrix, by the way Animatrix isnt just prelude to the trilogy as many ppl say here, some of Animatrix is happening between the first and the second film, which is obvious when they are recalling some of the parts in Reloaded that happened in Animatrix, like Neo saved the boy from Zion etc.

Anyway i didnt like Matrix 2&3 they were totally unnecessary and way too forced for my taste, but whatever. Smile
Honestly I think that the Brothers took a lot from Hindu and Buddhist mythology for the story. For example Neo and Smith being equal and opposite and Killing each other is from the concept of Ying and Yang - the good and evil forces either of which cannot exist without each other. And the whole thing about Neo returning to the source and the whole mention of Karma is from Hindu Mythology which states that once man's cycle of Karma is comlete he shall return to the 'Source' which in case of Hinduism is God. Heck the whole Idea of the 'Matrix' system was taken from Hindu and Buddhist teachings of this world being Maya or Illusion. Get it? Maya... Matrix!!! Smile

- Hac
Ive only seen Matrix 1 But I watch it 2 times a day. I think the best part of it is the fight with the AGent (agent smith) in the underground station.
The Matrix Revolution looks like a "Dragon Ball" Copy, but with a diferent reality! Am I crazy? ^^
The first One is the best in my opinion, but the other too are very GOOD TOO!
I was wowed by the first movie, disappointed by the second and still haven't bothered with the third.

It's a shame but not exactly unknown for the filk makes to get so puffed up over a spectatuclar surprise hit that they just lose all the creative drive that made that hit in the first place.

Tis indeed a shame.
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