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Transferring Applications

Well this is a sticky problem.

I use an old peice of software that uses and encoded database. It runs on Win95.

I would like to be able to transfer the entire peice of software over to a Win98 machine. The trouble is, I can't get hold of the installation disks.

So, does anyone know some freeware that searches the registry and transfers everything as it should be?

Your help is much appreciated.
I don't think you can!

You will need the original disks because everything is relative (area on disk for app, reg keys, etc., etc,.)

You could try copying the directory for the app over to the 98 machine.

After that, find the registry entries for the app on the windows 95 machine and export them to a reg file. Generally you would look under H_Key Local Machine/Software for the app entry, H-Key Current User/software, also. It's best to do a reg search for the app.

Import that reg file into 98 and look at it. If the directories are the same (for example c:\program files\appname) leave it as it is. If your new machine has the program file directory on another partition, say D, then you'll have to change that value in the registry key. There is/was a 98 program called Registry Search&Replace that could do this for you.

The problem is, or will be, how many files the app has stored in c:\windows, c:\windows\system, etc. , and if you will be able to find all of them to transfer them over.

Sometimes you can find them named in the registry, sometimes you'll get a file not found error when you try to start the program. In those cases you can copy the listed files over to the appropriate on the 98 machine.

I have done this before, and sometimes it will work, sometimes it won't, so it's worth a try. Do a registry backup first just to be prudent.

System Mechanic has a "Relocate Software" feature. It allows you to transfer a piece of software from one disk to another. Actually, I have never used this feature before but I think that it could help you.

You need to connect the hard drive (which contains Windows 9Cool to the computer with Windows 95. Boot Windows 95, run System Mechanic, relocate software.

Hope that helps...

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There is a utility from SysInternals, which mointors the registry, if you use this on the old machine when you start the application, you can see which registry key are accessed. You have to export those, and move them to the new computer.

You can find it here

Hope this will help you migrate your app.
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