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website down

Im getting an error when trying to reach my website,

The error says: "Network error... Your requested host could not be reached."

hmm? Is the server2 maybe down?
Is your site hosted on frihost ? I have the same problems today; now and then the site cannot be reached Sad
Server 2 is down, (although my UpPanel Service Monitor tells me it isn't). There has been no announements made about server 2 as of yet although there has been about server 1. I informed Bondings yesterday so hopefully the problem will be fixed in no time at all.
It was a problem with apache not wanting to restart and took me about 30-60 minutes to fix it, if I'm not mistaken.
Well then apache really has a grudge against you because im getting the same error now again.
Kyle Katarn
I'm having the same problem. I assume server 2 = DirectAdmin server?
Sever 2 is working fine. IceCameron, your site is working now.
Kyle Katarn, are you referring to your site ? I have never seen this kind of error before so I can't help you. Is it hosted at FriHost (ie. server 2?)
Kyle Katarn
No, that is another site I'm not using now, and it's on my cPanel server. The site's I'm talking about are my Frihost one's, and

The isn't finished, but it can't be found period.

EDIT: I can't access any server 2 sites. I'm about to go check my DNS cache, but I don't see how it could cause any problems.

EDIT[2]: No go. I can't access any of them.
Kyle Katarn
Ok, this is totally weird, but I anonymoused it and it worked. Did my IP get banned or something? Please let me know ASAP, I was working on the new site when it died on me. I was doing a lot of stuff quickly, and multitabbing between sections on the site, so I may have tripped some kind of rate limiting system.
Yes, your ip was banned from the server. I removed your ip from the list. Did you try to login several times without success to ftp?
Kyle Katarn
No, I didn't miss on the pass any, but I was working very quickly on the site, perhaps as much as 40-50 http requests a minute. I reckon I better slow that down a little...

EDIT: Now that I think about it, I was installing SMF, and it tries to access via FTP. I mistyped that once, but I don't know how many times SMF attempted to login like that. It stopped working just after that.
Anyway, if it happens again, just pm me.
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