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Bird flue in EUrope

Has anyone read news about the spread of bird flue in europe. I read that turkish have an increase of cases and also dead people...
Lord Klorel
i have heard about it. It gives me the creeps that this virus has been revived.
I hope that every country in europe has enough preparations against this monster virus.

News link to BBC

Third Turkish death was bird flu

The new cases are said to have been in contact with infected birds
Turkish health officials have confirmed that the third child who died in eastern Turkey last week was a victim of the deadly strain of bird flu.
The H5N1 strain had already been blamed for the death of the 11-year-old's brother and sister.

The health ministry added that two more people had been identified with the virus in Turkey, bringing the total number of human infections to 18.

Many parts of the country have now been affected by the virus.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation has warned that bird flu could become endemic in Turkey and pose a serious threat to nearby and neighbouring countries.


Bird flu

Many are already taking precautions - in Greece, for example, vehicles entering the country from Turkey are being disinfected and hundreds of vets have been sent to border areas.

Bird contact

The UN's co-ordinator for bird flu, Dr David Nabarro, hopes an international donors' summit in Beijing on 17 and 18 January will raise pledges for the $1.5bn (850m) needed to help countries implement programmes to stop bird flu.

Van: 8, including 3 deaths
Ankara: 3
Kastamonu: 2
Corum: 1
Samsun: 1
Sivas: 1
Siirt: 1
Sanliurfa: 1

Q&A: Your concerns
Anguish in rural Turkey

The new cases of bird flu in Turkey were in the south-east of the country. Officials said both had been in contact with infected birds.

The three dead children found to have been infected with the H5N1 strain were from the eastern Van province. Tests on their six-year-old brother, who was released from hospital last week, showed he did not have the virus.

Dr Nabarro has warned that educating people, especially children, about the dangers of exposure to infected birds is essential in helping combat the spread of the virus.

In other developments:

A senior director of the World Health Organization has told a Tokyo conference that a failure to respond quickly to bird flu could have immeasurable global consequences. Despite the best efforts of many governments, the threat of a pandemic was continuing to grow, he said.

The European Commission is holding closed door talks with international health organisations. EU states will have the opportunity to outline measures they are taking in response to bird flu.
Im really worried about it, Confused All we can do is hope it wont mutate
Kazingbing wrote:
Im really worried about it, Confused All we can do is hope it wont mutate

It's not so much a question of if it would mutate, it's more a matter of when. The chances of it not happening can just be forgotten basically. Especially with the virus now spreading out as well the chances are only increasing of it happening sooner.

For it to mutate though the chance is still pretty small. A person will have to be infected by both huminary influenza and avian influenza. Huminary influenza is something which basically only strikes during the colder periods, december/january for most countries and in turkey I dunno, but I think that it doesn't occur there that much.

So most likely this year it won't happen. The avian influenza form though does kinda tend to spread for a longer period. So each year this expands the area in which it is active. The first sighting of the feared H5N1 form though has been how much, 10 years ago? or so already. So the spreading isn't like happening in 1 day.

Still, it is all a chance game though, my personal guess though is that it won't occur this year and due to the increased safety procedures which are being taken I doubt it will happen within the upcoming years.

If it will strike though then.... well, we're pretty much screwed Wink. The percentage of people dying will be dramatic and most likely as a lot of forms of influenza it will only strike temperate climates. So basically all what is on height of the western world or all which is on about the same height on the southern part of the globe if they are in their winter season.

Especially places where people are packed on top of eachother will go down first since that makes it easier for the virus to spread, so every major city in the world basically will get struck worst.
its a disaster
I heared that it is just transmitted through living birds.
meaning if you ate an infected chicked you wont catch that flu
is that true ?
ahmad wrote:
its a disaster
I heared that it is just transmitted through living birds.
meaning if you ate an infected chicked you wont catch that flu
is that true ?

Not entirerly.

If you would kill an infected bird on the street or in your kitched the chance of getting infected is even larger from what my professor taught us. Therefore the bodies of the dead chickens also have to be disposed of carefully. Because of this they're also killed by gassing them, since this reduces the possiblity of contamination.

If you buy it in a supermarket though out of the fridge, then yes, you won't be the one infected. People at the meat processing facility do have a chance of getting infected. But in your case, if freezing the virus didn't cause fatal damage to it already then cooking it will kill it for sure since it is sensitive to heat. That's also why the bodies are being destroyed by burning them.
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