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i was an extra in the two towers

yep, no word of a lie, check some screen shots of my ugly head (albeit in makeup) and the story at my site: (follow these navigation steps)

archives --> 2004 --> june --> lord of the rings

giddy up
Ay, awesome man. I was an extra in The Weather Man, most boring experence in my life. They wanted a scene with a marching band (which I was in) and had us spend an entire day in Chicago basicly doing nothing (half hour of shoots, five hours of wating for the sunlight to change so there was no continuity errors. Yep.) where they closed down state streat to re-create the local Macy's style parade, but they ended up cutting that scene but using our school song but making it look like anouther band was playing it. It was weird.

Anyway, my junor high school, was in the anouther movie, Super Size Me. Yea, the food there was terable. Speaking of which...
yeah, being an extra ain't al it's cracke dup to be that's for sure! low pay and long hours in costume is the norm, but i guess it becomes worth it when the movie becomes a world wide hit.

super size me was a great idea (maybe taken a tad too far, but still totally amazing). my opinion on maccas is two fold:

1. their food is shite
2. there is ALWAYS another option, go to a deli, go to a baker, go to a burger joint, make a sanga, use your imagination!

you got a 'pic with ronald' you want to add to my collection?
Nice man...
Can not understand how you've noticed yourself out of the millions... Shocked
hi colilon,

actually in those particular scenes there was only about 50 or so extras, and we were divided into those with spears and those with swords (for those particular scenes). i have a good memory for things like this, but ask me to remeber a particular date and i am shocking Sad
Lol it s the funniest I saw here. What a good experience at least once to be a little add on such a great movie. But there are very few pics only three Sad What do you call being badly paid and for how many hours ? anyway I suppose they have to pay you a minimum no ?
How did you got to it?
Are you a Newzinlander or something?
Or are you just in an agency that put you on it?
I was recently an extra in the upcomming Rocky 6. Being the huge Rocky fan that I am, I flew to Vegas for the scene and spent 2 days on set. It really was a great time. I personally didn't mind all the down time because as an actor by trade, I'm really used to how film sets work.
hi marquis51,

the minimum wage in new zealand is pretty low to start with, but we were paid just over 200 NZ$ for the 2 days of work (and that is before tax) We did 14 hours days, so it is clear we were not doing it for the money!

hi colilon,

nope, i am an aussie, but i was living in new zealand at the time of filming (2000). i was not in an agency or anything like that, i just answered an ad in the local paper looking for 'people with long blonde hair and of a european appearance'. i went to the audition and they signed me up! giddy up!

hi syxxgage,

yeah, but as you said you are an actor, so you are used to long days with low pay!! Smile
bjwok wrote:

hi syxxgage,

yeah, but as you said you are an actor, so you are used to long days with low pay!! Smile

Low pay would be a luxury. Most of my work is still pro bono at this point. I'm trying to build up a resume so I can get better gigs that actually pay.
Oh, funny thing, never heard of that being published in a newspaper.

good work on getting that position! i once got a position in a short film made for one of the australian film festivals, but it was a voluntary part. it must have been sooooo amazing on set!

not being rude mate, but did you even READ the above thread? the entire story is all mapped out there for you...

probably should read threads before you add to them!!

(not trying to sound offensive, just making a polite suggestion Smile )

p.s. nice to see another aussie here cobber! Smile
thats awsome, how did you pick up that job? Is it true they used iPods on the set? I love those movies

another one who didn't read the thread!

c'mon people!!!

"we're living in a society here, we're suppossed to act like civilised people"
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