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How much is too much? (posting)

Is that too much?
I'm worse than that!
 17%  [ 3 ]
That is admirable
 52%  [ 9 ]
Get help...
 29%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 17

I only log into frihost once a week, and recently I took several weeks off. Yet I have an average of 6.04 posts per day!
(this works out to about 42 posts every time I log in, not accounting for long absences)
Is that too much?
Yes, in case you were just thinking so, my mental health is rather fragile.
S3nd K3ys

Joined:                     11 Jun 2005
Total posts:                1528 [1.00% of total / 7.14 posts per day]
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Points:                     54.19
FRIH$:                      2396.10

And I'm on almost every weekday. Wink
What I'm really referring to is the actual amount of posts per active day.
I am on literally every day except for holidays, and I rarely post less than a couple of times. I don't feel like I overdo it though, I mean I'm still not seen especially frequently.
S3nd K3ys
ocalhoun wrote:
What I'm really referring to is the actual amount of posts per active day.

I have only 7+ PPD and am on 5 days a week almost. That's why I voted "admirable"
Well i have been here for about a week now, and i have come on here every single day, but the first few days i was kind of spamming to get my 5 posts, which i wish i hadnt of done now lol! But i think a couple of posts a day is quite good and not more than enough, but i think if you just start replying "lol" and "ok" to things, thats when it starts to get annoying,
sadly i check the forums everyday... but rarely post as most of the posts would be like - i agree.. or lol thats funny... and therefore not useful hence i dnt post

but im always on everyday at one point or another! Laughing
l'm almost there, l have 5.18 a day, and getting to be more all the time Neutral. But l am not active for more than about an hour each weekday excluding monday and tuesday for most days Neutral.
None of the options really suit me. Everyone has their own definition of how much too much is, really it's all in what you think. If you think it's too much, take a break, but if you're able to maintain a life outside of Frihost fine and you haven't really made any sacrifices, then keep posting!

Only my 2 cents.
I have saw worse. But That is a lot. Have you really been posting that much. I mean does it feel like it?
15.00 posts per day

Still pretty low for my doing, I've had times in the past in which I would have an average of 40 posts per day or so on other forums. But well yeh, those forums had more members to there was more to post. In general I can get up to about 50+ posts a day if there is some other activity as well. Or well yeh, per day, give it an hour Razz.
I'm posting on 3 forums and it gets quite repetitive... All the topics, lol...
But I think average of 5 posts per day is OK for me(now I do like 40:/)
[2.81% of total / 18.25 posts per day]

Erm Rolling Eyes
I find it admirable that you actually find that many topics to post in. I'm here often but I rarely find topics to interest me. Think
S3nd K3ys
n0obie4life wrote:
[2.81% of total / 18.25 posts per day]

Erm Rolling Eyes

Post ******!
If you think it is too much, see mine:

[0.06% of total / 0.69 posts per day]

What to say? It's too few but it's also sufficient. So don't worry. Wink
.... I was about to start mocking there, but then I realised.... I'm averaging just over 8 posts per day on average. That's not too good.

I've been registered just short of a calendar month and this is my 200th post. Hmm... maybe I should lay off on the old forums for a while and try to stop the effects of typing and Repetitive Strain Syndrome.


Too late! OUCH!!!
ainieas wrote:
I find it admirable that you actually find that many topics to post in. I'm here often but I rarely find topics to interest me. Think

Topics which interest you just depend on what kind of persion you are, if you always want to show your opinion and all then the world news and general chat will be a place in which you will get a good amount of topics. I think that's also in which the most of these high amount post/days are coming from. If you just aren't interested in all that but just certain subjects then yeh, there will be less to post.

The only thing which would truly make things rise like hell would be something like "3 word story", but no forum games are allowed here Razz.
Paul Knight
I'm normally on once a week to check the General chat items mainly as I find some of the subject quite stimulating. Smile

I had about 30 points before Christmas and then went on a 2 week snowboarding holiday and spent some time at my parents. Hence I came back and was in the Minus figures again. This is very annoying. Evil or Very Mad

I'd rather just post when i want to, rather than having to spam my amount all in 1 hit, just to get back on an even keel.

There must be a fairer way to get points and keep points. You shouldn't be punished, just because you not on every single day.
As long as you've got more than zero it's fine. Besides, the system works - it encourages you to actually be active on the board now and then.
[0.77% of total / 6.53 posts per day]

Used to be 10.xx posts per day during the holidays. Once college started, i barely make like a post per day... I have been spending a lot more time creating and handling accounts instead.
However, I remember when I was first made Moderator... I would read just about EVERY thread in EVERY forum to make sure that no one was flaming and that all the threads were being posted in the right forums. Razz

But I am proud of the fact that I get a minimum of 1.7 points/FRIH$ per post... and generally more than 2. Very Happy
That's pretty bad, but at least you do post. It is probably better to post to get points and be active rather than wait for the emails. 50+ posts in one sitting... That is pretty good... Laughing
I wouldn't say thats too much, but I don't think I would be able to sit there and post that much in one sitting! I think I would go a little crazy trying to come up with intelligent comments on that many topic haha. I, myself, haven't been a member for too long and only post a few times of day, but I do come on quite frequently.
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