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Brain Or MIND?

Did you ever asked yourself, why am i alife? It is a simple question that all of us can find an answer. But it depends on our will to know it.
However, you have to know something much more important and which is the main question that we need to ask before finding an answer to that one, the question becomes How?
The most important thing is to know the definition of things and how they work. Why things goes like this? Have you a simple definition of reality? Have you ever asked yourself what is real to me?.....
>you can find the rest of the article in the extanded part

I tryed to give you as many information as i can, you may find the rest of it anywhere...
Finally it's up to you to answer this question,and all i can do is show you the way.............!!!
Brain or mid?

The brain is the material part of our being, it is a kind of hardware, a spider canvas of nerve cells that communicates with each other by electric impulses to make us think, remember, in a word live.
However brain recieves his knowledge from other parts of the body: eyes, ears, skin...
All along the way, hummans have descovered that there detectors are really limited, your eyes for exemple is a nember of cells sensitive to light that creates an electric pulse when recieving light and send it to your brain to be treated and understood!
However, it can not detect all the electromagnetic specter! so you dont see the whole reality as you can not detect the infrared or the ultraviolet!
So you may ask why? here is a simple answer, because that's all you need! So how am i given all i need? I didn't create myself? But I was ready to live and to do certain thing, you see: you have arms, legs, lungs...
All of them is working properly unless there is an anomaly there, so we are given what we need!!!!!!!!!!!
Here comes another problem, Who tald me that what i see is real, if i just stop my definition to reality as as an electric pulse interpreted by my brain! Take an exemple: A blind cannot see, he don't know what is red, what is blue... He is unable to understand those things as he is handicapt, and so is a deaf..
So are we living? do we exist? Here is my point of view:
I think that there is a luck of understanding there! First because we considered that the humman being is a brain but if you just think a little bit you find that we forgot something verry important!
A computer can not work whith a processor, memory, and all other accessories! Here we have to point the finger on a verry important thing ( The Mind ): a computer cannot work only by hardware, it needs a program, a software to make it run!
And so is the definition of the mind, no one can deny its existance, because when we born we do some activities without being tought, we seek food, we suck our fingers.. it is an immediate result to the existance of a predefined program on our Brain.
There is something else, something that we cannot touch,(like a computer program, it is never touched but we know that this machine is led by it) something welldevelopped that made us work, it is you, it is me, it our being..
We stop then and find finally that we are not that stinky body, we are something more developped, it is unexplainable but take this exemple: you don't see everything you just see a small bandwidth of electromagnetic speter but you know the existance of the other frequencies, so is you, you cannot feel yourself, but you have to look to the other side of your existance

What is to exist? It is to make a change, maybe to add something to the world so that they say: Ah this person existed before...
When you dye you are out of the world, no one can remember you unless you made a remarkable thing.Anyway, the problem is not to be famous but to be creative and not to let yourself live like the others, you have to be you and to make yourself understand because controling ourselves obliges us to seek knowledge.

Yes, knowledge,to seek more informations because knowledge is the main difference between humman and animal. If you are ignorant you dont understand anything, you dont even know what to do, you feel lost, you fear every thing, you fear death, or maybe you desire it in order to know what else???? why am i existing?(here we come back to the main question)

I'm not Brain, I'm Brain and mid, a hardware and software, But! software?
If there is a program there is a programmer......
This concept is not specific to Hummans, it is a universal issue, look aroud, billions of verry complicated organisms working together in a stupifying way, it is well organized, well placed, well done: we are here on earth, we have all we need, we have a well programmed nature, and specific natural lows that are the only acceptable way to live.
Many theoreticians think of hazard, that it is a chance that all of this happened..!!..??!!
But when you look around it is much more difficult, take DNA fore exemple, it is a genetical program that specifyes our features, we learned programming from the nature (we learned every thing from the nature)
So i think that all we have descovered yet was created to be descovered because most of the descoveries were done by chance! Take the example of Isaak Newton when the apple is fallen on his head, he descovered what we call the movement lows...So chance here is not really chance it is a kind of desteny..
Do you beleave is desteny?
Now i want you to answer me:
Do you believe in what Darwin Said?
Do you think that the developpement of the body led to this?
Do you think that from one cell that (developped itself) we can obtain a humman well probrammed full of mood, feelings....
Do you think that our forebears were apes????
And if so, how do this Cell developped itself and learned that she have to be nutrished and then programmed itself to be what it is and then is multyplied itself and found that it hase to see so it created an eye, oh sorry twoo eyes and found its DRIVER so fast to connect them together, she had to eat so she developped a kind of arms, then at this period how do it live? and after becomming an Ape how do it know that it have to think....

Personally I find it so rediculous
But you, you have to look fore the reality
Just try reading the hestory and you will find that Darwin itself tald that his theory would be wrong if we dont find the proof.
They wanted to involve this idea just to keep us under controle because someone without a real understanding of his reality can be manipulated as they wish, so they wanted anyway to involve that idea.

First they tald us that they descovered what they call Homosapien: as they said it is the transision from apes to humman, but in the 20s they descovered that it was a trik, they have put a humman mouth on the skull of an ape.
This creature was taken from the musium as it is wrong but the question remains:

Why do they teach us that therory eaven though it was proven wrong!!!????

This is the real issue of The Matrix, you have to see that we are controlled by media and what they put into our brains, and this is right because we are passive, we don't shearch for truth, so we eat and drink like animals, we are a market and nothing else than a market...

Now, don't answer me, just take your time, search for more informations and as you have Brain and Mind you can answer

It's up to you to find the answer
All i can do is show you the way
Yes, please, do your research.

That site will walk you through the logistics of development through evolution, if you let it.

They teach evolution because it is how we understand the world.

I agree that as a group "we are controlled by media and what they put into our brains." Does that mean you're going to boycott commerical goods from brand names now? Talk to me when you've stopped eating at McDonald's and buying from WalMart.

I would also add that you are being led into the beliefs that you are holding and propagating here, that it is manipulation and control by a different social group that is making you misunderstand and misinterpret the teachings of evolution.
Very Happy
I really appreciate that you waisted your time and read what i wrote
I think it is Just a personal opinion, of course we can not escape our beleaves and background Sad but i want you to understand it out of any religious facts, it is a pure reflection.

Ah you didn't answer me

Wat do you think about DARWIN? Shocked
I went to that site

I can agree with you ( This is the way we understand the world) but i say this is there way to understand the world because saying that we are not brain we are brain and mid just destroys the whole theory

OK Ok you don't beleave me so go to my website again
I have this link baut i think that you will not be able to understand it because it is written in French

I've Translated it to you :

Many people think that the theory of the evolution was proposed for the first time by Charles Darwin and that it is founded on scientific evidence, observations and experiments. However, not only Darwin is not his initiator but this theory does not rest on any scientific proof. Because the theory of the evolution is only one adaptation to the nature of the old dogma of the philosophical materialism. This said, even if this theory is supported by no scientific discovery, it does not remain about it less than it profits from a blind belief in the name of this philosophical current. This fanaticism gave place to disasters in any kind. Indeed, this theory was spread and with it the philosophical materialism which it supports, thus causing a change of answer to the following question: "What a human being?". Those which had been accustomed to answer: "the human beings were created by God and must thus live in the respect of marvellous moral teaching that It us exemption" from now on started to think that the man arrived in this world by sheer coincidence and that at the bottom it is only one animal which developed along its combat for survival. A very consequent price is to be paid for this great imposture. Violent ideologies such as racism, Fascism and Communism, as well as other cruel designs of the world, which rest on the conflict, took as a starting point all this deception. In this chapter, we will examine this disaster that the Darwinism brought to the world and we will reveal the relations which it maintains with terrorism, one of the total problems most significant of our time. The lie of Darwin: "the life is a conflict" Darwin starts from a guiding principle to develop its theory: the development of the alive beings depends on their combat for survival. Most extremely overrides weakest condemning this one to the defeat and to sink in the lapse of memory. According to Darwin, nature is summarized with a wild combat for survival, a conflict eternal. Strongest triumph always of weakest, which starts again the process of the development. The subtitle of its book, the origin of the species summarizes this design perfectly: "the origin of the species by the natural selection or the safeguarding of the favorite races in the combat for the life". Moreover, Darwin suggests that "the combat for survival" applies to the relations between the human races. Indeed, according to this odd claim "the favorite races" had left triumphing this combat. The favorite races, according to Darwin, were white Europeans. The Africans and the Asian ones were relegated to the second plan after this combat. Darwin goes even further, by suggesting that in little time the latter would completely lose "the combat for survival" and would disappear purely and simply: "In a future, not very remote while counting per centuries, the civilized races of the man undoubtedly will exterminate and take the place of the wild races throughout the world. In the same time, the monkeys anthropomorphes will be surely exterminated. Separation between the closest man and the his allies will intensify because it will touch, I hope for it, the man in his state more civilized, Caucasien and certain monkeys as lower as the baboon, with the place as it is the case today between the negro, or the Australian one and the gorilla." 1 the anthropologist of Indian nationality, Lalita Vidyarthi, explains how the theory of Darwin imposed racism in social sciences: "Its theory (that of Darwin) based on the survival of strongest was very well accomodated by the world of social sciences at the time. The scientists believed that mankind had crossed various stages of the evolution thus culminating in the civilization of the white race. Towards second half of the 19th century, racism was a fact accepted by a vast majority of the Western scientists." 2 the source of inspiration of Darwin: the doctrines of Malthus For its subject, Darwin took as a starting point the the test written by the English economist Thomas Malthus, Essai on the principle of population. According to Malthus, the human population tends to increase quickly when it is let manage by itself. Only the disasters such as the wars, the famine and the diseases were able to control the human population. In short, according to this brutal design, some were condemned to die so that others can live. The existence was summarized thus with "a permanent war". At the 19th century, the ideas of Malthus were largely accepted. The European intellectuals resulting from the easy social classes, were more particularly receptive with its cruel ideas. The article "the secret scientific program of the Nazis", shows the importance which Europe of the 19th century attached to the ideas of Malthus: "At the time of the first part of the 19th century, through all Europe, the members of the leading class met to discuss" the problem of the population "recently discovered and to conceive means of applying the mandate Malthusian which consists in increasing the death rate at the poor: "Instead of recommending cleanliness to the poor, we must rather incite them to adopt contrary practices. We must build narrower streets in our cities, pile up more individuals in the houses and make so that the plague reappears. In the countryside, we will have to establish our villages near marshes and more particularly to encourage the installation in all the marshy and unhealthy places, "so on." 3 such a cruel policy would involve the elimination of weak and those which lost the combat for survival, which will establish the balance of the fast growth of the population. This baptized policy "the oppression of poor" was actually installation in Great Britain of the 19th century. An industrial order was set up; the old children of eight and nine years were employed at a rate of sixteen hours per day in the coal mines. Thousands of them perished following the terrible working conditions. "the fight for the survival" proclaimed by the theory of Malthus condemned British thousands of nationals to a life of misery and suffering. Influenced by these ideas, Darwin applied this concept of the fight to whole nature and proposed that only the strongest victorious fate of the battle for the existence. Moreover, it asserted the idea that what one calls the fight for survival is only one invariable and justified law nature. In addition, it invited people to leave side their convictions religious by rejecting the principle of creation, thus aiming at cutting down all the ethical values which could represent an obstacle with pitiless "the fight for survival". The diffusion of these ideas distort which led the individuals to become pitiless and cruel, cost very expensive humanity during the 20th century. The result of "the law of the jungle": Fascism the Darwinism nourished racism at the 19th century and provided thereafter the base to an ideology which was going to develop and drown the world in a blood bath at the 20th century: Nazism. Indeed, the theory of Darwin had a very great influence on the ideologists Nazis. When this theory more closely is examined, invented by Adolf Hitler and Alfred Rosenberg, one notices concepts, repeated several times in the origin of the species, such as "the natural selection", "the selective coupling" and "the fight of the races for survival". When it chose to entitle its book Mein Kampf (My fight), Hitler had taken as a starting point the the fight for the survival about which Darwin speaks and by the principle of the law of the strongest. It speaks more specifically about the fight between the races: "the history will lead to a thousand-year-old empire of an unequalled splendour, on the basis of hierarchy issued by nature itself." 4 At the time of the gathering of the party in Nuremberg in 1933, Hitler declared that a higher race would subject a lower race... a right than one notes in nature and who can be regarded as the only conceivable right ". The influence that the theory of Darwin had on the Nazis is an established fact that the majority of the historians recognizes. Hickman, the historian, described this influence on Hitler in these terms: "Hitler was a believing enthusiast and preacher of the theory of the evolution. Whatever the depth and the complexity of its psychosis, it is certain that (the concept of the fight was significant bus)... its book, Mein Kampf, clearly highlighted a certain number of ideas belonging to the theory of the evolution, in particular those which insist on the fight, the survival of most extremely and the extermination of weakest in order to creating a better company." 5 Hitler, which asserted these ideas, involved the world in a cycle of unequalled violence in the history. Several ethniques groups, and particularly the Jews, were the target of terrible cruelty and the massacre perpetrated by the Nazis in the concentration camps. The Second World War, which burst with the invasion Nazi cost the life 55 million individuals, the base of the greatest tragedy of the history. A bloody alliance: Darwinism and Communism On a side the fascists are at the right wing of the social Darwinism, other the Communists occupy the left wing. The latter always were among the keenest defenders of the theory of Darwin. This relation between the Darwinism and Communism goes up at the time of the two founders of these theories. Indeed, Marx and Engels, the two founders of Communism read the book of Darwin, the origin of the species, as of its publication and were impressed by its attitude "materialist and dialectical". The correspondence between Marx and Engels shows that the two men saw that the theory of Darwin comprised "the base of Communism in natural history". In its work, the dialectical one of nature, written under the influence of Darwin, Engels formulated an eulogistic criticism of Darwin and tried to contribute to the theory in the chapter entitled "the role of work in the transformation of the monkey into a man". The Russian Communists, who followed the steps of Marx and Engels, such as Plekhanov, Lénine, Trotski and Stalin, agreed all with the theory of Darwin. Plekhanov, which is considered the pioneer of Russian Communism, regarded the Marxism as the Darwinism applied to science sociale".6 Trotski declared: "the discovery of Darwin is the supreme triumph of dialectical in all the field of the organic matter." 7 "education darwinist" played a dominating role in the communist management training. As an example, the historians notice that "the Stalin young person was believing, but it became atheistic after the reading of the books of Darwin".8 Mao, which introduced the mode communist in China and killed out of the million people, had declared publicly that Chinese socialism was based on the theory of the evolution of Darwin.9 James Reeve Pusey, the historian of the University of Harvard, goes further in the details as for the influence of Darwin on Mao and Chinese Communism in its work entitled China and Charles Darwin.10 There exists a close connection between the theory of the evolution and Communism. This theory claims that the alive beings are the fruit of the chance and proposes a proof pseudo-scientist to justify atheism. Also, Communism, an atheistic ideology, is it closely related to the Darwinism. Moreover, the theory of the evolution suggests that the development in nature was possible thanks to the conflict (in other words "the fight for survival") and supports the concept of" dialectical "which is a fundamental element for Communism. If one considers the communist concept of the "dialectical conflict", which responsible for died for approximately 120 million people through the 20th century, as "a fatal machine", we will be able to thus measure the disaster more the Darwinism brought to planet. Darwinism and terrorism As we saw up to now, the Darwinism is the base of several violent ideologies which brought the disaster to the mankind during the 20th century. However, just like these other ideologies, the Darwinism defines a "ethical comprehension" and a "method" likely to influence several visions of the world. The fundamental concept subjacent with this comprehension is the principle "of fighting those which do not form part of us". We can explain that in these terms: there are various beliefs, aimed and world philosophies. There are two alternatives: 1) Respecter the existence of those which do not form part of the group and to try to establish a dialogue with them by the means of a human method. 2) Opter the war and to try to maintain the advantage by the destruction of the other, which amounts acting like an animal. The horror commonly called terrorism is not other than the expression of this second alternative. When one studies the difference between these two approaches, we note that the idea that "the man is an animal of combat", imposed by Darwin unconsciously on the world, is particularly influential. The individuals or the groups who choose the option of the conflict perhaps ever intended to speak about the Darwinism and the principles on which this ideology rests. This known as, they end all up agreeing with a vision whose philosophical base rests on the Darwinism. It is what pushes them to believe in the veracity of the slogans such as "in this world, most extremely survives", "the large fish eat the small ones", "the war is a virtue", "the man advances thanks to the war". Put the Darwinism aside and there remain only hollow slogans. In truth, if the Darwinism is drawn aside, there does not remain any more any philosophy of "conflict". The three divine religions most widespread in the world, Islam, Christianity, and the Judaism, all are opposed to violence. The three religions ¶uvrent to establish peace and the harmony in the world and condemn the death of innocent, cruelty and torture. Violence and the conflict violate morals that God established for the man. They are abnormal and undesirable concepts. However, the theory of Darwin perceives violence and the conflict like natural, justified and adequate concepts, which are necessary to the existence. For this reason, if people resort to the terrorist acts in the name of the Islamic religions, Christian woman or Jewish, you can be certain that these people are not really Moslems, Christians or Jews. They are true socio-darwinists. These individuals hide behind the veil of the religion but are not true believing. Even if they are asserted with the service of the religion, they are the enemy of the religion and believing. Because, they commit crimes which the religion proscribed and thus harm the reputation of this one with the eyes of people. It is for this reason, that the terrorism which prevails in our planet does not emanate from any of the three divine religions, but rather of atheism, its expression nowadays being "Darwinism" and "materialism". ISLAM IS NOT the SOURCE OF TERRORISM BUT SA SOLUTION Some claim to act in the name of their religion but it may be that they interpret it badly or practise it in an erroneous way. Also, it would be an error to have an idea about this religion starting from the activities of these individuals. The best manner of including/understanding the Islamic religion is to study it through its crowned revelation. The revelation or the crowned source of Islam is Coran; and the model of morals in Coran - Islam - is completely different from the image which exists among certain Westerners. Coran is based on the concepts of morals, the love, the compassion, pity, humility, the self-sacrifice, the tolerance and peace. The Moslem who lives with the daily newspaper according to these moral precepts highly is refined, reflected, tolerant, worthy of confidence and reconciling. He offers love, respect, peace with those which surround it as well as a direction of the joy in life. Islam is a religion of peace and wellbeing the Islam term has the same direction as "peace" in Arab language. Islam is a religion which was revealed with humanity so that this one enjoys a life full with peace and wellbeing; a life in which appear the eternal divine mercy and the compassion. God invites the whole world to accept the moral lesson of Coran so that the compassion, the tolerance and peace can be lived in this world. In the sourate Al-Baqarah, verse 208, this command is given: Ô believing them! Enter into full Islam, and do not follow the step of the devil, because it is certainly for you a declared enemy. As we note it in this verse, the individuals can enjoy the wellbeing only by accepting Islam and that while living according to moral precepts' of Coran. God rejects spite God ordered to the man to avoid the evil; He prohibited the bad faith, immorality, the rebellion, cruelty, aggressiveness, the murder and the bloodshed. Those which do not obey this divine command follow the steps of Satan, as it is described in the verse mentioned above, and adopt an attitude that God rejects clearly. Among a string of verses which deals with this subject, we will quote only two: (But) those which violate their pact with Allah after having engaged it, and break what Allah ordered to link and make the disorder on ground, the curse and the bad residence will have. (rear-Ra' Sourate D, 25) And seeks through what Allah gave you, the last Residence. And your share in this life does not forget. And would be beneficial like Allah was beneficial towards you. And does not seek corruption on ground. Because Allah does not love the corrupters. (Sourate Al-Qasas, 77) As we can note it, God prohibited all the acts of spite in the Islamic religion, including terrorism and violence. He also condemns those which make this kind of acts. A Moslem offers beauty to the world and improves this one. Islam supports the tolerance and the freedom of expression Islam is a religion which encourages freedom in the life, the freedom of the ideas and the thought. It proscribes the tension and the conflict among the individuals, calumny, suspicion and even the thoughts negative in connection with the others. Not only Islam it proscribed terror and violence but also the fact of imposing the least idea on another human being. Null constraint in religion! Because the good way was distinguished from mislaying. Therefore, whoever mécroit with the Rebel while it believes in Allah seizes the most solid handle, who cannot break. And Allah is Audient and Omniscient. (Sourate Al-Baqarah, 256) And you are not a dominator on them. (Sourate Al-Ghashiyah, 22) Forcer an unspecified person to believe in a religion or to practise it is against the spirit of the Islamic religion. Because, it is necessary that the faith is accepted following a deliberated and conscious choice. Cavity, the Moslems can incite each other between them to follow the moral precepts that Coran teaches us but without this incentive not comprising an obligatory function. In all the cases, an individual cannot be involved to practise a religion in exchange of a secular privilege. Let us imagine a completely opposite model of company. As an example, a world in which the individuals are obliged to practise a religion. Such a social model is completely contrary with Islam because the faith and the worship have value only if they are directed towards God. If such a system existed, the individuals would be a monk by fear of the system. What is acceptable from the religious point of view, it is that the religion should be practised only in one environment which allows the freedom of conscience and which it is practised for divine approval. God prohibited to kill out of innocent In Coran, to kill an innocent being appears among the capital sins. ... whoever would kill a nonguilty person of a murder or of a corruption on the ground, it is as if it had killed all the men. And whoever makes him gift of the life, it is as if it made gift of the life to all the men. Indeed, Our messages came to them with the evidence. And then here, that in spite of that, much of them start to make excesses on the ground. (Sourate Al-Maidah, 32) Which does not call upon an other god with Allah and do not kill the life that Allah returned crowned, except justifiably; who do not make a fornication - because whoever will do that will incur a punishment. (Sourate Al-Furqane, 6Cool As we can note it higher, those which kill out of the innocent beings are threatened of a severe punishment. God said that the fact of killing a person is a capital sin which would amount killing very whole humanity. Whoever respects the divine prerogatives would not dare to make evil with only one individual. How could it thus kill out of the thousands of innocent? Those which believe to escape justice from this low world will not be able to never avoid returning accounts by front God the Day of the Last Judgement. Those which think of the Last Judgement will be very attentive to respect the limits that God established. God asks believing to be sympathizing and lenient In this verse, the concept of morality is explained: And it is to be, moreover, of those which believe and enjoignent mutually the endurance, and enjoignent the mercy mutually. These are people of the right-hand side. (Sourate Al-Balad, 17-1Cool As we note it in this verse, one of the moral precepts most significant that God forwarded to His servants so that they profit from His safety and His leniency and are accomodated with the Paradise, is "to encourage the ones others to be sympathizing". Islam such as it is described in Coran is a modern, opened religion and progressist. A Moslem is primarily a person of peace; he tolerant, democratic, is cultivated, honest, expert of art and science and is civilized. A Moslem educated according to morally high precepts' of Coran approaches everyone in the spirit of love which Islam awaits from him. He shows respect for the ideas of each one and is interested in art and esthetics. He shows himself reconciling vis-a-vis each event, endeavouring to reduce the tensions and to restore the friendly relations. In the companies which are composed of such individuals, the degree of civilization will be raised more and those would play of a greater social morality, joy, justice, safety, abundance that the most modern companies of the current world. God asks to be tolerant and to forgive the sourate Al-A' raf, verse 199, which encourage believing them "to be lenient" expresses the concept of leniency and the tolerance, these two principles being among the bases of the Islamic religion. Accept what one offers to you of reasonable, order what is suitable and moves away from the ignoramuses. When the Moslem history is examined, we can see clearly how the Moslems established in their social life, this significant precept in moral teaching coranic. At the time of each stage of their projection, the Moslems abolished the illicit practices and established in the place an environment of freedom and tolerance. In the fields of the religion, language and culture, they allowed individuals completely different from living under the same roof as them while enjoying freedom and peace and by having access to the knowledge, with the richness and a situation in the social scale. Thus, the great empire ottoman could be maintained for several centuries thanks to the tolerance preached by Islam. Indeed, of the centuries during, the Moslems showed of tolerance and compassion. At each period of the history, the Moslems were characterized by their direction of justice and leniency. All the ethniques groups within this multinational community freely practised the religion which they had adopted since of the years and also kept their own culture. Indeed, the particular tolerance of the Moslems, when this one is practised according to recommendations' of Coran, can with it only bring peace and the wellbeing to the whole world. Coran explains this tolerance of a particular kind: The good deed and the bad one are not similar. Push back (evil) by what is better; and here that that with which you had an animosity becomes a such cordial friend. (Sourate Fussilat, 34) Conclusion All that precedes shows that the moral lesson that Islam offers to the world peace, happiness and justice in this world. The cruelty which prevails in the world today under cover of "Islamic terrorism" is completely foreign with the moral lesson of Coran. This cruelty is the ¶uvre individuals ignoramuses, fanatics and criminals who do not have anything monk. Only the education of the individuals according to true values' of Islam is capable of éradiquer this plague and this brutality made under cover of Islam. Lastly, the Islamic religion and the precepts coranic do not encourage terrorism and the terrorists but rather propose the remedies likely to extirpate this plague of our world.

Thanks Very Happy
Brain or MIND? I think the best explanation for this was in a short story by less known Slovakian author named "World in My Head" where it was brilliantly pointed out that maybe there is no objective reality and everything is happening just in our heads, rather hard to explain couse even using this word "our" is misleading since there is no us, just me from that point of view. I hope u got the point, if not try looking up that short story on the net. Seems its no longer at author's homepage. Crying or Very sad

And now to the Darwin/Religion part of the topic. Ok lets forget the evolution and go the other way? Whats the other way? Oh, someone created us, designed us, defined our purpose... But who is this someone, and who created him/her? She just popped out of nowhere? Existed out of time and space? Come on, thats even harder to imagine than this evolution theory, there is a chance that something can evolve, which is much more believable that there is this allmighty creator/designer that is ethernal and no one created him/her. This god theory seems rather alibistic, why believing in god then, we can say the same about mankind just popping out of nowhere why going up one layer and saying that about some god? And what if there are even more layers? Like XY created God and God than created Humans... Think about it Wink
The problem here is that in he nature itself:

Every beginning has an end!
So we had a beginning
So how did w get in so?

Life in itself is verry organized
There is someone who should have organized it and programmed it to be so!
And this one have to be out of the nature itself so he can be out of the theory of having a beginning so he can not be the nature itself as Darwin thinks neither created by hummans but someone else!!!!

One or many?

If we intreduce more than one the equilibrium will fall down because as you know a ship can not have more than one capten otherwize it would falldown and drown!!!

So what do you think about this? Very Happy
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