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FireFox and Cookies/Sessions

Ok, this is a problem which I have been having for a while with my laptop, but on frihost it's just doing it a rediculous rate. I don't know what's the cause of it and can't truly manage to find a sollution for it on google since the combination of firefox, cookies and sessions just results in many other hits.

When I log in to a page using sessions or cookies the cookies get made normally. The session cookie is to last till end of session and the cookie cookie is to last till somewhere in 2007. The problem though is when I browse a bit, like on frihost say 4 or 5 pages on the forums, I'll be logged out. The cookie is still there though, it just aint being picked up anymore.

As far as I'm aware this problem only occures on forums, but it is pretty damn annoying. Updating FireFox to a later version doesn't help either... Updated from 1.1 to 1.5 yesterday, the problem remained.

Is there somebody which can give me a sollution to this?
I use deer park alpha 2 instead of 1.5. Its the latest nightly build and it always updates automatically.
Get the one that matches your system.
Its way smoother.
The only prob is that a bit of extensions dont work, but the good ones do.
Adblock, SessionSaver and FlashGot work. Smile
Go to options and to tools. when there go to options. Find the cookies in there. Click the cookie in there. Does that help?

If that doesn't help make sure you are allowing it to set cookies.
That doesn't help, cookies are enabled though and on sites like Google and such the cookies work normally without any problem. It's just a problem which occurs on forums, my cookies just stop being used at random points.

@Eepman, I'll try that when I get back home and see if it helps.
What kind of internet connection do you have? If it is intermittent, it may happen that you are logged out because your connection was lost and timed out. So if you have any kind of dial-up connection (including ADSL) this might be the case. And you just can't do anything with that.
DX-Blog wrote:
1.1 to 1.5 yesterday, the problem remained.

Gee.. imagine that. Did you try creating a fresh profile?
Maybe you have a cookie that sets the default session time for forums (when you sign up I believe in some forums this is an option). Have you tried clearing your cache of cookies and files, in both Internet Explorer and Firefox?
Ok, the latest nightly build didn't help.
I am on a cable connection, but the connection isn't the problem since the problem is just occuring on my laptop.

I have tried creating both a new profile before as totally clearing cash, cookies and history in firefox and IE, but that didn't help.
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