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Beginner's Question

Arti della Fibra
I've been using Mozilla Composer to work on creating a website...

...but for some reason, after publishing the site, it looks totally different (and kind of distorted and wierd) when viewed with IE, but looks totally normal and great with viewed with Firefox...

Why is this? Is there a fix?

Thanks for any help...
firefox and ie have different coding so some sites dont work right with firefox, others dont work right with ie.
Yes - it is likely that in a different browser your page will look different. You can do two things:
1. The fast way: Don't use any styles or formatting. With simple HTML tags your site will look the same everywhere (most probably).
2. The experimenting way: Well, it is a long one... You need to experiment with styles, browsers and maybe OSs. Try testing and modifying the style in different browsers until you get the same result in every of them.
3. The professional way: Detect the browser the client is using and apply a style according to it.
Good luck!
As far as I know as long as you follow the HTML 4.01 Transitional DTD your pages should work with any browser. Now IE on the other hand uses browser specfic tags that will only show properly in IE....

How many Microsoft Engineers does it take to change a lightbulb?
None. They just redfine darkness as industry standard.
Some things work... some things don't. U can't do anything about it... It's just the way it is with the many browsers out there and how it all works... It is really frustrating sometimes that u can't do something in one and not something in the other go to and click on html to see wat to do for IE and wat for mozilla, or opera etc
Arti della Fibra
Hey, wow, thanks! You guys are all awesome!!! Very Happy
Speaking of firefox and IE, what do more people on the internet use? I think it is IE, but it could be firefox. Anyways, the point is that you should code to your audience (not that I really know much about coding). Why put in all the extra work and effort if the only people looking at your site are your friends who have enough computer knowledge to choose firefox over IE.

One question I have kinda regarding this is, does it look different on a Mac vs a PC?
Well I'm going to take a long shot, since you didn't know about different browsers too much, that your site may also look distorted in different resolutions. You may want to test that area of your site as well.
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