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tobacco and sports

do you think that practicing sport will reduce the tobacco damages !!
 60%  [ 6 ]
 40%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 10

do you think that practicing sport will reduce the tobacco damages !!
say first if you smoke or no, and if you practice or no sport, ...

I love smoking, I can't give up because the only thing that let me work hard,
I play volleyball, and make some jogging everymorning, to reduce the "tobacco damging", ...
you realise that exercise wont remove the tar from your lungs nor repair your lungs after theyve disintegrated?

I dont smoke. never have, dont and naver will

I would've voted no but i didnt read the question to well. However exercise should make you feel a bit better if you smoke in your last days
Well sports or anything will not reduce ur smoking addiction.

Only if i wish u could sit next to me, smoke a ciggarate and see what effect i have. I am highly alergic to ciggarate smoking and i feel its a Gods blessing that i will never get such addiction.
Lol once the damage is done thats it, no one forced you to smoke, no one made you buy them. Exclamation
sports can help to stop smoking rather than reduce damage, i don't smoke and i practice sports really seriuosly, when you make sport a part of your life, then if you smoke you may want to stop smoking, i have a friend who smoke, and he has been a little sick last days, becouse of that...obviusly is his will to smoke or not.
Nope, i'm not smoking.

And sports won't reduce the damage... maybe not much.
In Denmark we have had some of the pro-soccer coaches that smoked liked a chimney but that were more than ten years ago and some of the players smoked as well.

But with even more money a smoking player is not good publicity and you won't find them anymore.
First of all, I'm not a smoker and I don't know what it's like to be one.

But I do know that sometimes smokers that are trying to quit like to try to find a distraction that keeps their mind off of cravings. Sports can be a very good distraction to have. Go out jogging without a pack of cigarrettes in your pocket. When you have a craving, chances are, you'll be out in the middle of nowhere with no cigarrettes to smoke and you'll just have to do without it.

As for the physical damages of smoking, sports will always get your blood flowing faster and that can sometimes help your body repair itself faster (not much faster mind you) but I doubt that the damage to your lungs will be repaired at all by exercise.
I don't smoke and I play some sport.

I think exercising may help you to quit smokingjust as jveezy has explained.
But I don't think it can repair the damage that is caused by smoking.
(I'm not a scientist, my opinion might not be accurate)
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