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A minor printing problem

Hello there,

My boss has a small all in one printer (fax included) which he uses regularly. The problem is, he would like to save the rediculously few precious moments a GM seems to need when sending print jobs. Confused
For some reason whenever he tries to print an image file, particularly jpeg files, the default is the fax while every other file type the default is the printer. Thus he must go to "print..." and choose the printer function manually which he would prefer not.

Any suggestions considering the printer IS set as the default in Printers and Faxes??
I think this depends on where you're printing the files from. Are you using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer on WinXP?

The fax viewer allows you to view faxes (usually in .tif file format) and if you print it, Windows Picture and Fax Viewer may assume you're trying to send it on. What I'd suggest you do is disable the Fax functionality on the computer since you've got a fax machine anyway.

Hit START > SETTINGS > CONTROL PANEL > ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS and then select "add or remove Windows components"

Remove the "Fax Services" option and reboot. This should help.
Id like to know, what sort os software you`re using with your boss. Because preferences are diferent in windows conf and in program conf. Check it!!
This seems to me to be an association problem.

Whatever the software is that your GM is using, it thinks he wants all JPG files (and any other file format that prints as default as a fax) should print as a fax.

If you look under the options of the software, somewhere will be the settings for the various files types and what settings the printer uses to print these.

Alternatively, under the file association in windows, the various file types are set to use the fax software. This can be changed easily by opening windows explorer. The click on tools - folder options. The click the tab "files of type" and this will give you the default program linked with all file types. Just change one at a time and test. Start with JPG. Look at what program is linked to JPG files and maybe associate it with something like windows picture and fax viewer.

I hope this helps.
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