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Love - Fantasy or REAL?

I just felt to write about Love and here it goes.


Dear Folks

Definition of love has been different for me with the passage of time I kept growing. Like when I was around age of 15, to me Love was nothing but a relationship between a man and a woman. My mind was unable to think further than this during that time. But have to agree that I was used to have dreams with fine movie heroines that I would have watched in a movie recently at that time! To me that was Love.

Later on, I grew up, been to highschool, and learnt that love was mixture of romance, feelings and friendship in which the power of possesion is not available. It's pure like God. If I try to scratch my thoughts of that time, I remember that I was in dilemma that Sex is an evil act and can not exist in Love, and if exists in love, it's a bad relationship and not love!!

Someone has truly said "Love me for a reason and let the reason be love". This sentence tells everything to know about Love. Love is not what neither we can describe nor we can we express it in form of ornamental words. It's a matter of feelings, sensations, inner vibrations and happiness.

Person in love finds each and every act of his beloved one like the best act that could exist on earth. Love is like when a woman feels shy even in her dream just imagining that her boyfriend has touched her lips with his fingers. Love is more living than talking.

Being in Love is like being in heaven. And I disagree with the point that Love can be made only once in a life and rest of the relationships are the purpose of need. No, love means spreading feelings. We can fall in love more than once even with the same person!! Love is way to know more and more in depth about the the person we love. Each day sun rises and tells us new stories about love by making us fall in love. There is even possibility that we can be in love with two different persons at the same time!! Sort of hard to understand this, but as I said that love can not be expressed in form of words, it's a matter of feeling so might seem tough to understand to be fallen in love with more than one person at the same time, but in the coming time, you might find yourself in such condition and I don't call it bizzare, it's just normal.

Love can happen anytime, anywhere. You might be walking in the earny cold morning on the sea-side and you see a woman from the distance that you can't see her face, but you see the entity which may attract you and you may fall in love in less than a second even without your knowledge!! Like wise, you might be sick and tired of work at your office and going back to your home feeling damn lazyness within yourself and when the whole words seems without beauty to you, and if at that time a beautiful smile from an unknown person may make you fall in love!!

Sometimes life might seem short to fall in love!!

I would be happy to learn about your own feelings about this topic.
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