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What do you think about the new macbooks? the new powerbooks

so the new powerbooks called the macbooks now i think, have intel duo vive processor...what do u guys think? they said that soon, u'll be able to load microsoft os on the new apple powerbooks? i think apple's new strategy, is to take over the laptop industry, granted they have the best designed laptops, and if pc people will cross over to buy powerbooks and run microsoft os, i think that might carve out a new niche. a cross over. what do u guys think????
Yeah, interestingly enough, you'll now be able to load windows on the new imac and powermac. But you'll still only be able to run osx on a mac, no trade there.

Personally, I'm pretty excited. I'm not trading in my g4 powerbook anytime soon, but I like the direction apple is going. Certainly the option to dualboot is very much something I would like. That, and they're priced exactly the same as current models. I really love how apple comes out with new products always at the same price level as the old.

The powermac has built in iSight as well, which is pretty neat. Optional 2gigs of ram, 4x faster bus, 100gig harddrive, 8x superdrive, 2-3 faster processor--I'm impressed, and all 6 months before schedule.
I like the idea.

I don't have a Mac myself but really want one and know a bit about them. Have you guys seen the add for the intel chip. Its pretty funny ad.

I am wondering if windows computers will start using the same chip 2.
I think Mac is also making fun of Windows, in a way, hence the logo, "What is an Intel chip doing in a Mac? A whole lot more then it's ever done in a PC.

He he he

But there are hell expensive!!!!! $3100 AU!!!!
lol mac are great man, i have been using it for the past 2 and the half years they dramaticly change from time to time.Actualy if in malaysia the price would be 8499.00 for the new macbook but the price is not confirm yet usualy if a new powerbook comes in then it will replace the old in will be 3,015.86 AUD exacly if you buy it in malaysia.hehe btw i am an apple reseller.
Are there not already linux kernels for the mac? Are there not windows emulators and virtual machines for linux? Evolve!
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