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Franz Ferdinand

What do you thik about this band? I think that they are a very good band. I really enjoy listening them.
typical british band.. i think...
i have the new cd and it's better than the fist album Wink
I've only heard like one or two songs, and they weren't that bad.
Franz Ferdinand have a question they ask themselves every time they write a song... "Where's the fun in that?"

Franz Ferdinand set out to prove that artistically credible rock could involve "really, really catchy tunes" that people could dance to, frontman Alex Kapranos says. The band were fed up with overly-serious bands in "that post-rock thing that seemed to be doing its damn hardest to avoid any bloody tune", he says.

The four-piece have had a rapid rise to prominence since they met nearly four years ago. Drummer Paul Thomson was working at Glasgow School of Art school where bassist Bob Hardy was studying. Alex Kapranos was studying English at university but had friends at art school, and the line-up was completed when guitarist Nick McCarthy moved from Munich, Germany, to the city. But it could have been very different when Kapranos and McCarthy first met at a party. The pair almost came to blows after McCarthy adopted Kapranos' bottle of vodka as his own.

"We were going to bash each other's faces in and then, just as it was about to turn one way or the other, I asked him if he played the drums," Kapranos says, "and he said 'yeah I do'. It turned out he couldn't play the drums at all but he'd come to Glasgow desperate to find new people to play music with."
So McCarthy and Thomson swapped instruments and the quartet soon became a close-knit unit. "You're letting such a fragile side of yourself out when you're creating or writing music," Kapranos says. "To do that with people who are almost strangers would seem very strange to me. I think that we're very lucky that we're quite close. To us, it's almost like the band is the grandest possible adventure you can go on with your friends. It's really really exciting."

Their first gig was at an all-female art show and so they set out to make music that girls could dance to. Developing a DIY ethic from the start, they took over a disused art-deco warehouse in Glasgow, made it their base and renamed it The Chateau. The venue soon became legendary in the city - so well-known that the police spent a month trying to find it, eventually raiding it and arresting Kapranos. But the charges of running an illegal bar and contravening health and safety, fire hazard and noise abatement laws were dropped. The band took over an abandoned Victorian courtroom and jail instead, and named that The Chateau.
The buzz about the band soon spread around the music industry and 40 record labels turned up to one gig in Glasgow - which the band thought was "totally ridiculous". "I'm really glad it was almost comical because we weren't overwhelmed by the seriousness of it," Kapranos adds.


They signed with independent label Domino, home of Smog, Sebadoh and Four Tet, in June 2003. Their eponymous debut album sent them around the globe twice and landed them Mercury, Brit and NME Awards - the first band to scoop all three in one year. 'Take Me Out' even scooped an Ivor Novello Award for songwriting
They’ve just released a new album, 'You Could Have It So Much Better'. They weren’t going to give it a title. “The first one didn’t have one, so why should this one?” When they were putting songs in order, one of them said “YCHISMB would have been a great title”. Another said “We haven’t released it yet, we can call it whatever the hell we like”. So they did. There was something that appealed about the phrase – it’s positive, optimistic, yet independent and confrontational. It’s the antithesis of the self-satisfaction or “You’ve never had it so good”.

FF have always wanted to do it their way and to do it better. There’s a desire to be adventurous, without ramming it home. To be ambitious with the arrangements and the melody, to do things that we haven’t heard in music before, without drawing attention to them. There weren’t any real rules about how to do this, other than “if it sounds good, do it”.

Their biggest musical ambition now, Kapranos says, is to make people think of "four daft guys that met in Glasgow" when they hear the name Franz Ferdinand.
their 'new' single 'Walk Away' is really great!
They are alright. Not my favourite, but I don't mind listening to them. I haven't been that much into their music, so I don't know what their songs are called, all I remember is hearing them and thinking that it wasn't a bad song. Cool
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