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Jazz Music

Are there Jazzers here?
I really enjoy listening Jamie Cullum, so i dont if im a jazzer, but Jamie´s music is Jazz, so, YES, im a Jazzer.
I don´t make Jazz music - but love to listen Smile
I have to say I listen more to blues than to Jazz. But I love a sax player called David Sandsborn. He plays very good. I have seen him on tour with Eric Clapton. And afcourse Candy Dulfer, she played with Prince!
Sure, jazz is great. I like Jaroslav Jezek, I don't suppose that anybody would know him...Wink
Jazz music is great! It is a great musical inspiration. I love to play jazz music on guitar, so, yes Im a Jazzer, lol.... if u want to call it that. I don't know many main stream Jazz artists though... I know many that have a jazz style to thier music, but no main stream artists. Anybody know any good ones?
JoeCool Smile
Hummm, jazz....niiiiiiiice Wink

Coltrane (Ole still my favourite), Davis (JJ sessions), Sun Ra, Milton Mezrow, Archie Sheep...
Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk - purveyors of quality jazz music. Cool
Hey there, I'd say I'm a jazzer, even though I don't know exactly what you mean. If you mean that a jazzer is someone who like jazz music, then I am one of those. If you mean that a jazzer is someone who likes to make jazz music, then I am one of those as well.

I play the alto saxophone and guitar and I love rockin on the blues and jazz. If fact, there was a time when I borrowed a friends soprano sax and I gotta tell you it was a jam session never to be forgotten.

So yeah, I'd say I'm a jazzer.

Jazzrock, fusion, jazzrock more the new melodic style. But sometimes like bigband jazz too. Piano jazz and latin jazz are also appreciated Cool
Ivory Keys
I grew up with jazz (my uncle is one of the best jazz double-bass players in the world. Hein van de Geijn. The real jazzers know who he is Wink) and I'm still in it.

I love lots of jazz such as the Cool jazz, Chicago-jazz, fusion etc.. Miles Davis, Charlie Parker you name it.
Well afcourse I know Miles Davis, Candy Dulfer and David Sandsborn. I like the populair jazz style. I have some cds like The Best Jazz Collection. And there are some nice tracks on it.
I like old style jazz. I forget the term for it. I HATE smooth jazz. What bullshit. The 80s gave jazz a bad reputation. Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington...nothing better.
william jones
yes sir
i have been playing upright bass for 18 years
Jazz is one of my favorite genres of music. I like Paul Brown's music, but I never really got into Kenny G. Maybe it's just me.
I dont know enough about Jazz.
But the last week I went to a Jazz Festival.
It was great. I would like to buy a saxo and play.
Pyro Man
I'm really into the squarepusher scene but I wouldn't really call that Jazz... maybe Jazzcore or Jazzstep... whichever you prefer. I enjoy playing Jazz at times though on piano or otherwise.
I think that jazz is the best way to learn as much as you can about music and it helps you to improvise. I've seen great classical musicians who couldn't play a note outside of their score. I'm not too fond of old jazz tunes. I prefer modern players : Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton, Pat Metheny, Mike Stern... But in my opinion, it will never be as exciting as playing Hard Rock and metal. Long Live Rock'n'Roll
I love Jazz, I can't go a day without some quality Brubeck, Earl Klugh, Ella Fitzgerald or Toots Thielmans. My father is a jazz guitarist and I grew up listening to all the classics. I think it's the only music genre where an artist can express himself fully through improvisation and varied melody.

I can't fully express my interest in jazz with words alone, so I will end with these words from Ella Fitzgerald:

"Forgive me if I don’t have the words.
Maybe I can sing it and you’ll understand.”
gnomme wrote:
Are there Jazzers here?

Uhmmmm, in case Absynthe Minded can be seen as a jazz band, I am! It's a Belgian rock band, with lots of jazz influences - at least, that's the way they are described in reviews.
Actually,... I don't know much about jazz and I must say I feel like I should... Cool
Yes, I love Jazz music a bit.. I like a Jazzy blues style. I saw Legends Live (w Eric Clapton, Marcus Miller, Joe Sample, Steve Gad) performing live in The Hague, The Netherlands. That was great to hear them playing jazz! But I'm still more a blues fan in my heart.
I like the world of jazz, recent and old. Monk, Art Tatum, Armstrong, Gillespie, Miles, Bill Evans, Coltrane, Chet Baker, Glenn Miller, Clifford Brown, Max Roach, Ben Webster, Stan Getz, Oscar Peterson, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holliday... are good to listen and it's interesting that side of jazz: improvisation, experimenting...
Lately jazz is still growing with the emergence of lots of new sounds and the exploit of drums, percussion and bass for instance.
So, this year I found new great cd discoveries like:

WAITIN' FOR SPRING - Elisabeth Kontomanou


I COMME ICARE - Nikolas Folmer

Other players like Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, Mehldau, Keith Jarrett, Maria João, Herbie Hancock and many more have made a lot for jazz.

Nikolas Folmer and the band do great. The drummer, André Ceccarelli makes good style changes, the trumpet, played by Folmer, invents and keeps melody. Bass and piano complete the band. Also Stéphane Guillaume, saxophone/flute guest does well. Batery and fast trumpet do a lot of energy here.

Elisabeth Kontomanou has that melodic voice with soul, gospel.
i like a lot the jazz but is one of the most difficult harmonies to understand, specially when you study music, I play guitar and to understand one jazz harmonie I had to study like 7 months of musical theory, but worths cuz the jazz is pure feeling and you can entertain yourself hours and hours composing jazz pieces and playing them.

I like to hear the recording of the Ontario jazz festival, is amazing what those guys do, and the feeling the show in the scene.
I only listen to Jazz in autumn, it fits.
I love Billy Holiday, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Dave Brubeck Quartet.
Bebop in general. And I kind of like the new electro-jazz fusion thingies...
I like jazz music and i have many jazz music. Razz
I love jazz and i like classic musc.
Louis Armstrong is wonderful. Duke Ellington is very talented as well.
Jamie Callum isn't jazz!!!!!!

That's just like saying Simple Plan is punk!!!

Dave Brubeck...St. Germain even, but not Jamie Callum...poseur...
unfortunately i'm not a jazzer, but i like to listen to jazz, anything from sonny rolins to art blakey to monk to chet baker, even to john zorn
Not very well informed of artist range, but actually love listening classic jazz on the net.
I enjoy listening to Jazz especially Jazz piano like Erroll Garner.
The jazz music is not well familial to Asians, but i hear online sometimes.
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