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My poems :)

Today I stand alone, just a face in the crowd
Truly I feel lonely in the midst of the busy day
Sometimes I want to cry inside
I try to understand myself
Wish I had the strength inside
to walk right up to you
And tell you, I love you

It's not to late to fall in love
Accept your fate I'm the one you're thinking of
It's not to late, please don't walk away
I need you too, but it's hard for me
So hard for me to say, so hard ...
But please, don't run away from me

I'll wait for the perfect moment
To rush to you, but my heart's to slow
Everybody here can see me stumble
Better wait until the lights get low
Wish I had that strength, wish I could put
away all the dark side of me
I wouldn't have to hide behind those doubts
The fears that my selfishness would hurt you

I will tell you someday:
Someone is walking beside me
Someone is waiting till I say yes I do
Someone is living inside me
Giving me all that I need and I need you
Someone to cry on my shoulder
I want to stay here with you forever

Never thought that I would need you
Never thought that I'd be missing you
I just got to find a way now
To let you know that I'm so lost without you
And I know you're the one I want for the rest of my life

Everything I do is for you
And you are every part of me
And I don't want to face another day
Alone without your love


well.. I'll write another one soon Very Happy
I like it keep working in literature
Here is another one Smile
"For A Friend"

When I saw her last
She had that look in her eyes
I said, "Do you need to talk?"
She said, "No."
So I called her up, asked her again and I waited a while -
She began to speak, then she started to cry

You know some things are best left unspoken
and some things just never work out
and sometimes, seems you try and you try and whatever you do
There's a fix that you're in, and you just can't get out
She said, "I need your help, I need it now
Give me the strength to go on"

Though I didn't know what
I knew that something was wrong
but she still had her pride
She'd tell me in time
Well this feeling inside
kept eating at me
I was losing a friend, and I had to know why

When I heard the voice on the phone, I knew it was bad news
so I rushed to be by her side
and we said goodbye for the last time
I gently hugged her, and kissed her goodbye
She whispered, "I need your help, I need it now
Give me the strength to go on."

Though as time goes by, and it all becomes clear
we can see the deceit, we see the lies
So I asked myself, over and over, and over again
What did they know? What did they hide?
Fools, leading the innocent blindly
Fools, turning away

And I know that
when I think of my friend with that look in her eyes
and if they told the truth, She might be here today

You do great work! Keep it up.
sorry pal didn't like it. May be because it is in english. Try to learn turkish and will send you greatest poems of turkish literature. Then you can understand why I didn't like yours.

But keep it up. some similes of yours resembled me good figures Wink
very beautiful, great work
very beautiful Very Happy
Very Beautiful. Unfortunately a lot of people think that poetry is a waste of time, but it can really cleanse your soul.
Very nice, i like em alot, so how can u get alll word fir together?
I cant Crying or Very sad
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