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M. Night Shyamlan

Movies of Manoj Night Shyamlan,

Manoj Night Shyamlan, mostly known as M.Night Shyamlan, the well known hollywood director who is famous for his different stories' movies. He started making movies when he was quite young probably 10 to 12 years of age. At that time he was given a digital camera by his father and he started to film, thus his life of direction started and this journey has reached to "The Village" so far. He is a tremendous director of movies. He is able to fear you without using any special effects in his movies like Sixth sense, Signs, The Village and others. If you have watched 'Sixth sense' then you might remember the scence in which mother of child shows her hands at night in kitchen which are badly damaged. Just feel that you are a child of 5 years and you see at night your mother's hands being diseased and crying for help! That was damn fearful scene of the movie. Then if you have seen 'Signs', you can see how he is able to fear us without using any special effects at background. I think he is the master of making scenes intested of whole movie. He dedicates himself totally in each scene of the movie and which at last makes the movie spectacular.
Recently, I saw his latest film, 'The Village'. So fearful it was! He rarely shows the creatures in the movie but is very well able to create a fearful personality of those creatures in our sub concious mind. In fact he is a believer of paranormal things and so am I, so that might be the reason perhaps I like his movies.

I am a great fan of him. I wish he makes a movie with my favourite actor 'Tom Hanks' someday. With him all the best for his upcoming movies. and if given a chance I would like to work in his movie too!
he is an excellent directorof three great films. i have seen them all and loved them.
I hate how everyone said that the village's ending was so predictable, only if your paying so close attention to the movie looking for flaws in every scene do you ruin it for yourself. I cant wait for his next movie oto come out
I agree, M. Night Shamalan is one awesome director. I have loved all of his movies thus far. I can't wait to see "The Lady in the Water" coming out soon. Looks like another interesting one. Very Happy

To be honest though, I really didn't know what the "M" in his name stood for and I guess I never really looked it up. Manoj huh? Well, at least I know now. Thanks for that little fun fact. =)

Oh, and I thought The Village was awesome. A lot of my friends didn't like it as much as the others, but I disagree, I love them all. I praise him for all of his work. My friend and I are striving to reach that level soon. Cool
Now he is into ad making.
He has made an ad film for American Express and he ahs acted in it too.
I saw it on CNBC TV 18
Even I'm looking forward to see his new movie.

I also saw his Ad of American Express. Various ways of earning money but Manoj is not the person who will just go after money. He gives talent more weight than Money which is shown in all of his movies.
gr3gg3r wrote:
To be honest though, I really didn't know what the "M" in his name stood for and I guess I never really looked it up. Manoj huh? Well, at least I know now. Thanks for that little fun fact. =)

Here is another fun fact. The Original name of M. N. Shyamalan is Manoj Nelliyattu Shyamalan, Nelliyattu being his family name. He changed that to night for a better western pronounciation.
I never liked horror movies, Only killing and no real good plot.
I guess I'm not a big fan of the guy. I've seen all his flicks and I can't help thinking that they are short stories stretched out to fit a feature film.

Sixth Sense was the best of the bunch, but without Bruce it would have been unwatchable (for me). Unbreakable needed both Bruce and Samuel to keep me seated. And I'm sorry, for me the Village was boring and predictable.

Better production values than King's short story movies (Silver Bullet, Maximum Overdrive, etc) but if someone put a gun to my head and forced me to choose a movie he was involved with, I think I would go for Stuart Little. Smile
He's really cool and his movies are really smart. I still don't get how the village was boring or even predictable. When I watched it, I had no idea what it was about, I hadn't seen the trailer... and I was enjoying every second of it without taxing my brain. Perhaps thats why I enjoyed it so much. I must say that I was blown away with the ending. Also, dispite signs numerous flaws (mmm aliens that hate water invade a planet thats 3/4 ocean!!!!!!) it was a really entertaining flick. I think that his next flick has the word "pool" in it. yeah i know, how vague can I possibly be?!! Ok then guy I gtg so bye 4 now
Someone recommended The Sixth Sense when it first came out on DVD, since I had not been interested in seeing it, at first, when it was in the theatres. Since then, I have eagerly awaited each next film of his, and also really like the movie he did BEFORE The Sixth Sense, called Wide Awake.

With the exception of The Village, I have the DVDs of all of his movies, except for his first movie, Praying with Anger, which is not on DVD nor VHS.
His movies are nothing if not unique. Sixth Sense was groundbreaking and Unbreakable was a good movie but was released too close to Sixth Sense so the comparisons didn't help it. Signs was excellent, but The Village was not.

He knows how to make scary movies without the slasher mentality that overcame hollywood in the last few years. I look forward to what he does next.
I saw a documentary abt Shyamlan on a tv channel. Which apparently tried to prove that he talks to supernaturals and all that.
I dont believe that.
And I love his movies.

A great director.

I liked his movie "Sixth Sense", it is the still my favourite movie.

I also liked "Signs".

But, I haven't seen the Village.

BTW, do you know he is an INDIAN?

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