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Hardware Questions...

Well, here goes...

What is the best brand for a motherboard? I was thinking Asus, Abit, and MSI, possibly gigabyte
Whats the best Video Card Brand (NOT Chipset Ati/nvidia)? I have no clue
Who makes the best cases? Im thinking antec.. maybe those aerocool cases on newegg
The best Motherboard Chipset? Im thinking either an ATI Xpress 200 or an Nvidia N-force 4 (im building a computer for my cousins, VERY STRICT Budget gamers pc, its gunna have an Nforce4 - 4X Chipset.. Anyone have any info on those? Ill put my wishlist up in a little while...)
Who makes the best Networking equipment? Im thinkin belkin, Microsoft, and Netgear.. Oh and D-link or Linksys..
Who makes the Best LCD Monitors NEXT TO Viewsonic?
Do you people prefer Intel or AMD Processors?
Raise your hand (or post something) if you even like the Xbox 360....
Do you people prefer Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, gamecube, the coming Nintendo Revolution, or the coming PS3?
Whats the Best hard drive company? Its between Seagate, Maxtor or Western Digital...
The best sound card is what??
Whats your favorite PC Game?

And this is kinda off topic, but what music do you people listen to?
and if you have a gf, say so, if u wanna... Man im gettin wierd...
Does anyone play any sports?
Everyone has preferences. I like:

- Asus motherboards
- Intel Processors
- Western Digital HDD
- ATI Radeon vid cards
- Xbox's that are hackable

That's just me.
I don't know what is the best "best" you are talking about because people may have different needs and if I only want to use a word processor, buying a geForce 7800 would be overkill. But for the other questions:

I prefer AMD because it seems that AMD although its speed is less, produces more performance or so I have experienced. I have AMD 2800+ now.

Never tried the Xbox360

I think people would prefer PS3 not because its power and so on but the avalability of games and its name brand recognition.

Favorite PC game is the Fallout series.

I listen to Metal mostly. My favorite band being Opeth.
I have no girlfriend Sad
Nah, usually sit on my butt the whole day and experiment with the computer. Which eventually lead to my body volume getting bigger Very Happy
All i can say is that Nvidia makes the best video cards out there.
l have actually found the AMD processors to be faster than Intel Neutral and they are more powerful. As a result they drain battery life on notebooks, but l trust them for mine, and you are building a desktop obviously, so you don't need to worry about power Neutral.

And as for "Brand recognition" on the PS3, yes, l recognize the brand, and l hate it Neutral the PS3 will likely sell your personal information to the highest bidder, their product quality lately has been questionable, THEY made a virus for THEIR product the PSP, THEY sent out root kits in all of their CD's for like a month. After SONY got the white guy (nothing racist, l am white after all, l just don't think a white guy should run a Japanese company) as their president, they made some really bad decissions Neutral.

Western Digital is my fav. Hard Disk brand, this is because of reliability, and RPM's on a managable size (l can still buy a 70GB with a better RPM then a 300GB, and that rocks Neutral), just RAID 2 of them, if you plan on using alot of hard drive for games, music, movies, whatever, get more, but this is an excellent amount for average use with a few games, and plenty of music, 140GB is still alot of memory even if it doesn't seem that way anymore Neutral.

Asus motherboards because they are usually compatable with most everything l choose Neutral.

ATI Radeon video card because... well... look at the performance Neutral.

For monitors, l haven't tried many as they are very expensive, but l do have an Acer that is working fine, l have never really had trouble with monitors, and the only reason l replaced my old one was because it was ugly, fat, and a smaller screen size than l would like Neutral. But Acer probably isn't the best, they just had a good deal at the time Neutral.

Avoid buying Microsoft products unless you absolutely love one of them, they should be concentrating on making an OS, not trying to make keyboards and mouses Neutral let the companys that specialise in this handle it Neutral.

l like the Xbox, but the 360 is kinda rideculous Neutral it should be possible to update an Xbox to be almost identical to the 360 as far as hardware and performance go. So why buy one Neutral? l would much rather buy the Nintendo Revolution! That controller has got me freaking out Neutral.

l listen to Rock of most sorts, fav. band is Red Hot Chili Peppers (rock on Neutral)
Yes, l do have a gf Neutral
And no, sports are overrated Neutral
For motherboards, go Asus. Very reliable in my experience, and always top of the line.
I whould say go with GIGABYTE, becuase they are working now with intel new DUAL CORE chips..!!!
I prefer:

Asus motherboards
AMD processors
nVidia graphic cards
Hitachi harddisks

I don't own any console.
Personally, I've built with Soyo and Epox. Also used Gigabyte without any problems. Stay away from Chaintech products, though!!!
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