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I keep having this kind off popups not on the internet browser but on my desktop its like an advertisment animation with a close and click here button..i have tryed everything from antivirus to spyware and trojan still keeps coming poping up..any ideas anything at all, that you guys think will help, so far i have install AVG antivirus and Spyremover fully updated.
That's likely to be a virus. When you say you've installed AVG and an anti-spyware program, did you actually run them?

Right-click on the AVG taskbar icon, hit Test Center and run a full scan.
This sounds like messenger spam. You can disable Windows Messenger (no, not msn messenger). and this should stop. You can open up "services.msc" from the run box in your start menu and choose to "disable" Windows Messenger. If you aren't sure which one to disable, go to and download the "Shoot the Messenger" application and use it (very small file). and reboot. Your problme should stop.
spybot alone does not clean all the spyware thats out there. Thats why you need several kinds
1) spybot
2) lavasoft adaware
3) microsoft antispyware

there are a bunch other but you keep trying new ones until your problem is gone. but those three are the top ones.. that should fix your problem. but i also do agree to disable windows messenger service.
first of all, check in your registry and see what are under microsoft->windows->run. to see if it's an application thats loads at start up that runs and causes the problem or is it just a case of replaced desktop value. If it's an app, then yes, try a few adware removers out there, I quite like Adaware myself.

If nothing in the run folder is causing it, then it's a case of replaced values for the desktop, A friend of mine had a similar case where the desktop was replaced with a blue thing with a warning message on top and he couldn't change it or anything. there's a value in your registry that controls whether desktops can be changed or not and the like. I can't quite recall where in the registry I fixed it for him, but do a search on google and there should be some instructions.
I believe a good virusscan and pc tools spyware doctor will do the job, IF it is spyware.
I'd say that Panda Anti-Virus + Ad-ware Remover would be good...

Also, make sure you don't have any "installed" pop-ups on your computer such as GAIN.Gator, Yahoo, etc.

Check Add/Remove Programs.


and use the Panda
just keep looking any browser preferences, i know that all new net browsers support pop-up blockers...
Well... it's for sure a spyware or ad program, just install new anitivrus and of course the newest update (Norton is good I think Smile) And i hope it'll solved soon Very Happy
all i know kaspersky internet security is very good.
you must go then download page and download kaspersky internet security.

your computer will work regularly. Wink
AVG is good. Also remember that you need to have more than one spyware remover installed, and use it regularly. (at least once per day) Each spyware program has a different dictionary, so some will catch things that others won't. I personally liked (before I moved to linux, which has no such problems)
- AdAware (by LavaSoft) - this you can get for free
- SpyBots Search and Destroy - also free
- I have no experience with the windows spy remover... try it and see if it fixes it I guess

Also, you may consider trying an alternate browser, such as Firefox. Firefox 1.5 recently came out, and it has several new features that make it more user-friendly. The reason it has an advantage over IE is that it does not run Active-X controls. Active-X controls can install malicious software on your computer automatically, without you even knowing. Firefox also helps block pop-ups and spyware automatically. There are many plugins and extensions you can install to help block ads and spyware also. You might just give it a try, since it's free. You can get it at .

Be sure to search your computer for things like Gator, Gamespy (it even has spy in the name, this should be a dead giveaway!), any "search bars" that websites want you to install, such as the Yahoo search, MSN, or anything else. These are typically riddled with spyware. I hope you get your problem taken care of! Good luck!
Could be a number of things from a small virus to some spyware, but nonetheless I suggest a program called "Security Task Manager".

Download Here:

What it does it check the currently running processes on your PC and gives great detailed information about each one; even showing a risk meter. The information is very detailed and can help you point out bad processes such as spyware running on your PC. Best of all you get a 30-day free trial.

Also, be sure to run "msconfig" in windows (Start -> Run -> msconfig) and click on "Startup" to determine your startup entries and double-check to see if there are any strange or odd entries in the startup.

If you have found spyware, there are some great free programs to remove most spyware, like Spybot S&D.

I highly recommend you view this post on the Spybot S&D forums, which lists some great free programs to remove AND prevent spyware in the first place.

You may view it here:

Hope this helps.
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