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I have an Apple powerbook, and are using Mercury to access my MSN. This is because MSN fo MAC does not support webcam. But I have problems with the Mercury messenger shuts down ever so often. Any one out there who knows anything about Mercury and if there is anything to do about it?

If not, anyone know of a system that can access msn and use webcam that is more stable than Mercury?

I used aMSN previously, but aMSN does not support webcam.

Any help would be apreciated. Smile
You do realise you posted this twice?, meh

have u tried web messenger I mean if u want to show someone something just record a video and send it
If you want to use video calling with MSN contacts, why not try Gaim VV from - it's under development at the moment, but you can chat to people using YahooMessenger, MSN, Jabber, Gtalk etc at the same time.

If the network doesn't matter (ie. you don't need access to MSN messenger's servers for video chat) then Skype is the best option - available at

Hope this helped

Very Happy
Thanks for the input.

And no, I didn't realize I posted this 2 times... Confused
I am new at this Forum thing so please bear with me as I try to sort this out... Smile

I have skype, but it is not available with webcam or video for mac. Not that I have found yet anyway.

And also, getting all my contacts that use msn to swap to something else is NOT easy.... Trust me, I have tried.... Very Happy

But I will deffinately look into the options I haven't tried.

Thanks again..

Have you tried web messenger? Like twikki said, you can just record a video and send it. However, web messenger is slower than messenger cos it's browser-based, and you need Java
So, what is a web messenger? I have never heard about this before. Is it fast? Is it like instant messenger, only slower? And how can I get it?

You can try trillian. I am not sure if it is for mac or not, but i know it works for video confrences if you have quicktime installed(which is an apple product so it must be). Theres also programs out there that let you use windows stuff on mac or l inux. Just an idea if you want one of those.
Trillian is not for mac, it's PC only. I use Adium on my Powerbook, but that is a text-only messaging program. But, it's REALLY sweet. Fully transparent contact list=messaging heaven. ;D

iChat will work if you try what this link suggests.... Smile
WebMessenger is simply MSN Messenger based online here: The advantage of webmessenger is that you do not have to download any software for you to chat to your friends. The downside to this is that it users java (which some people don't have/don't trust), you have to disable your pop-up blocker (or add all MSN Messenger related pages to your Trusted Page List) and it runs much slower.
If you like WebMessenger then I would recommend using instead. Its Yahoo, AIM, MSN, etc all rolled-into-1 online which is much better - (I also recommend using the BETA Messenger service).
Wow, A lot of replies here!!! Thanks a lot to all of you. Very Happy

I have tryed Adium. It is sweet, but as you said Rocky, it doesn't support webcam(yet). But It is a good program. Do you know if you have access to all the wink/custom smileys that you do on msn?

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