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PHP Scripting for Dummies... like me?

how do i start php scripting?
my friend says i need a local host something.

can someone help me here?
guissmo wrote:
how do i start php scripting?
my friend says i need a local host something.

can someone help me here?

Yes, you need to install a local server like Apache - and then to configure the PHP processor -
Then you have to learn the language

Stubru Freak
Don't be deceived, you don't need a web server on your computer (a "localhost"). You do need a webserver, but you can use your frihost account for that. I never had a server too and I know php pretty well.
XAMPP for Windows, Linux, and Solaris - very easy apache, mysql, php and perl installation without hassles

this is a very good package, if you dont' want to install everything on your own.
you just click the installer, and it will create a running homeserver with php,
mysql and perl support onan apache 2 base all by itself.

have fun coding Very Happy
i taught myself php on good ole they have a decent tutorial
I'm a newbie too and, as it turns out, I'm doing it all wrong so far.
I thought I'd learned enought to start writing my first page that actually does something but I'm screwing it all up.Crying or Very sad
How do beginners do this? Do you recommend working with pre-made scripts until you get the hang of it (which isn't ususally my style) or is it better to write your own from scratch from the getgo?
How long did it take you guys to learn?
Why am I not getting this?
What about mySQL (that's where my hangups are... isn't that supposed to be the easy part?)
Just digging for more advice for newbies from those of you with some experience. (Not to sommandeer your thread guissmo)
php came easy for me, but i have a fiarly large background in programming and had about 4 years of c++ coursework under my belt from school. but if you have no prior knowledge, conditional logic can be very challenging for people. i'd say just start with small scripts and try to pull apart some scripts you can find. other than that just keep at it and go through some tutorials.
Trying adding foxserv to your comp and test scripting before you upload.

FoxServ is an Apache / mySQL / PHP installer package for Windows and Linux.
i'll post in my questions for later...

can someone give me an example on php with databases?
I use Debian, and it came with a web server, PHP and SQL. But I also installed Apache and PHP on XP. I learned several languages before, so it wasn't really difficult for me. I suggest starting with "Hello world!", then "What's your name? - Hello XY.", and gradually improve the site. Don't try making an enterprise page on the first day.
And the PHP Help is full of examples! (Also the internet.)
And feel free to ask us!
Good luck!
What's Debian?

Is that some kind of a program that helps you code with php?
It has snippets or something?
debian is a linux operating system.

it comes with an preinstalled webserver and php
Stubru Freak
Not what you should do if you're not planning to install another OS anyway...
i use easyphp
A good place, if you like to watch videos, is on 3D buzz, you can register and download the VTMs they have. They have about 12 or 13 videos spanning a time of over 4 hours.
download easyphp for windows : type "download easyphp" on google and get it
then you should look for php tutrials and lessons
i personally preffer they give you step by step info on basic PHP and several other scripts/languages.
it's already been said, but you do need apache or iis and a database like mysql and php. i used easyphp to install all three. it was really really easy to do it.

that's the link for the download:

and this is how to install the easyphp package:

hope this helped.
I recommend Wamp if you want a easy apache+mysql+php server and here's some usefull(I hope) tutorials:
Good luck!
i feel that these files are too big for my SLOOOOOW dial-up connection?
Yeah, I did all that on dialup and it was a pain. (Fortuanately, I have high speed now! YIppee!)
I tried WAMP, and although it's easy to use, I'd warn you that if there's a problem, it WILL NOT uninstall (in spite of their promises to the contrary) I installed it and couldn't get it to work. It messed up my registry irrepairably, and I had to wipe my hard drive!!!
I ended up installing PHP, MySQL and APACHE manually, and it was well worth the effort. There's plenty of tutorials out there that can talk you through it.
As I said, I'm glad I did it. But when I got a new machine, and it came time to install all this stuff, I just didn't get around to it. I just FTP my stuff right onto the Frihost server.
Depending on how much you're doing, it may be a good solution... espescially if you're on dialup.
If you're looking for a good, free no-brainer PHP, Apache set up, I'd recommend NuSpheres TechPlatform. It was fast and easy to install, and it works like a charm! (It doesn't come with mysqll though!)
If you're anything like me, that's the easy part... then you have to learn how to use it!!!![/url]
Preset up things suck completely. Just install it yourself, use the following guide if you're a starter:

The guide is easy to use and besides that it will be much easier to adjust things afterwards if needed.
I learned PHP from Spoono's PHP tutorials. They're really step by step guides on how to set up a few cool scripts, so, in some respects they're not really tutorials. But I found them tremendously helpful when figuring out the basics... Smile Enjoy!
i would love to make my own game someone help me!!!!!
if you want to make a game youll probably have to learn C++ its for game not sure if you can use other languages or not. maybe PHP or JS but idk. also you could get a program to make one.
Stubru Freak
PHP is really suitable for text-based web games, flash is good for small graphical games and java for bigger ones (but graphics are not as good with java, java is better for the gameplay)
If you are a dummy, you can't script.

Anyway, view the tutorials forum.

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