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Fresh New Project on the Ground (recruiting;))

Hi all, i'm fond of forum'ing, and been long , in weidth and length surfing around...
I greatly appreciate all this experience v'been bringing to me =)

More than introducing miself, i'd like to launch a big Call ...

Facing a dangerous curve, humanity is unconsciously or forced to make a big seppuku (harakiri)
So we must react, in a way more than only personal...

Union = power, time came 4 Affirmative action , not only for Nas fans ...

Here's the reason why i'd like to launch a website, which will promote and present the only True World & Humanity Saving fundation...

It can ring a bit megalomaniac, but the point we reached , we just cannot act in discretion or little view... (i let this to ninjas and lilliputians)

So we're needing godfathers, Feeding mothers (mères nourricières Wink, ready to bring support , presence & help

Seen that such a project have never been achieved yet, it's a great challenge... Like those who rule the world are used to belong in secret associations, i would like to create the first big citizens secret association (remember Fight Club ?)

So here is what we're on our way to make up, so feel free to email or mp or check the very 1st french version of this international intended website...

We need brains, but we are no Zombis Wink

So Season greetings to everyone, and dont forget to count us in ur new good resolutions XD
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