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How to make website load fast and keep the design attractive

Question Please recomend me good web design programs, and How to make website load fast and keep the design attractive.

Thanks in davance

Best Wishes

This is more a reply to your sig.

Forums are good ways to keep people together. I have heard of clan forums (family name). They work well.

Your main question:

How detailed do you want your design? If you keep your graphics simple and compress them then it souldn't be to bad or just make a nice clean design.
keep it simple and refrain from using too much graphics...

Macromedia is a good tool for web page design.
This question is answered a lot, but I'll answer it again anyway.

1. Make as much of your site as possible code. That is, build your layout in CSS, and only use images to do the special things that make your site stand out. This way, you minimise the use of images (which generally take a while to load.

2. The images you do have, try to keep as small as possible. Photoshop has a great tool to do this "Save For Web". You can use this save interface to play with the quality settings of the save to get the smallest filesize with acceptable amount of quality loss etc.

As far as which programs you should use. Dont use programs. Code it yourself (Its not that hard, its markup). has all the resources you need to learn to code fast. is a fast free text editor which has about exactly the right amount of features before becoming bloated, and runs nicely... pretty much the nicest text editor I've seen anywhere. is an extension for firefox with which you can edit css on a page on the fly.

My design process is, draw a little mock up of how the page will be, build the xhtml of the page (lots of div elements), organise and stylise the elements with CSS in real time using edit CSS, optionally add scripting to the website.

Hope this helps.

I suggest Macromedia Dreamweaver. You can design great pages, keeping the code as simple as possible
Obviously, if you want attractive websites, I'd suggest a combination of Photoshop, Corel, or (name your favorite photo editor here), in combination with Dreamweaver 7, MX or up.

What you'd probably be doing is designing your site in say photoshop, cut it up, and integrate into a website using Dreamweaver.

This little technique, nicknamed 'colored cut cool' has helped create amazing websites.
Off-hand, I could think of about 3 designs for a friendship or relationship-based website, but of course, it's every artist to himself Very Happy
Don't forget to set the width, height and alt tags to all your images to increase the loading speed. Along with this you could also use javascript to preload images, but you should keep in mind with this that not every system supports javascript.
The best thing would be to have a fast, reliable host. FriH works perfect for me, my website loads quite fast.
Like many have said, use as little images as you can. If you do use images, make sure you have them to the smallest file size as you can get without messing up the picture quiality too bad. make sure you have a gret ahost, as someonsaid, frih is awsome, use a little code as you can and try to use css for most and if you can, all of the atributes of objects..use an external css style sheet. use a script to pre-load images, keep the code down, delete un-kneeded code, use some sort of program to make sure you are oding things in the ebst way possbile , further optimizing your pages. Just make sure things arnt to big and that file sizes of things are small. other than what i have said, there is nothing much else, just be carefull.
I agree with most of the other replies...

but if you want your page to look very classy and visually stunning without loading forever, my main advice is:

Reuse Images
Use small "1 dimensional" gradient images, resized. Dont use this for normal looks awful
If you can be bothered, using semi-transparent png's can make your site look good (they need a behaviour script to work in IE though)

Of course the design will only be attractive if the original artwork was any good...Very Happy

A thought: if this is a page for your friends, why does it have to load so quickly? They wont hit the back button if it takes a couple of seconds to load surely...

There's a cool program named BLUE VODA, which you can use......... it's reall similiar to frontpage and it's easy to learn!!!
One thing I would mention is don't use JPGs as much as PNGs. They load faster, and support transparency (in FF and (finally) IE7 etc.). I use them more because they are also pretty good quality.
there's a way to enable png's alpha channel rendering on ie5.5+anyway (meaning making png's transparency work before IE7):
To make your website load fairly quickly, you need to "trim" the extra fat (HTML) from each page, clean out the coding so your scripts don't clutter. Very Happy
PaladinWiz wrote:
To make your website load fairly quickly, you need to "trim" the extra fat (HTML) from each page, clean out the coding so your scripts don't clutter. Very Happy

If you know javascript, this can be used for this very effectively...

Say you want a select box with days from 1 to 31

instead of 31 lines of code you have around 3...That should help loadtimes Very Happy
Loading fast? Well, HTML editing programs out there create a lot of cruft, but that really isn't that much overhead on the bandwidth as compared to images. As said before, use images only when really necessary or a bit of splash and reuse those images as much as possible. Don't use flash, unless it is *really* *really* necessary.

For web programs, most of the really good designers I know don't use anything but their favorite text editor (bbedit, emacs, vi, etc.) All have Photoshop. Some like the whole flash/shockwave thing too, but only for good reason (games, for instance).

The best design for a site absolutely depends on the purpose of the site, so what are you trying to achieve?
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