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need help hosting with my site using IIS

hi I just recently decided to host a website using my computer. I set everything up correctly at least I think I did (i used a web tutorial) and it doesnt work.

I registered my domain name thru yahoo and then pointed the to my IP address in their control panel. I then set up my router for port forwarding to my soon to be server. when I goto my domain it just times out and says server not responding. Is there someplace someone can point me on the internet about getting everything configured correctly. Thanks
First of all check you can see the site when you type in localhost in the address bar of your browser. If so, then the server is running OK. Now try from another PC on your network by typing in the local IP of your server ( or whatever it is). This will show if the server is serving to the network card correctly and not being interfered with by firewalls. Now try with the external IP address (the one your ISP assigned you). This should go out of the router and straight back in again. If this does not work then the router is not set up correctly. If it does, then it sounds like the IP is not being resolved correctly for your domain name. If you go to a command prompt and type ping followed by your domain name and it should resolve it to an IP address, this should be your external IP address, if not, get on to Yahoo.
yeah it comes up when I type localhost and also do it through another pc on same router and yahoo has the destination IP set correctly.
As far as I know, you need to use a DNS (Domain Name Server) to re-direct your domain to a specific location. Are you using Yahoo's DNS server settings as your own IP? If so, this won't work. You need to use DNS servers and they will then redirect users to your site.

If you set Yahoo to simply redirect to your website, if someone typed in, they'd be redirected to something like (where is your IP address and 8080 is the port, again specified by you, that you've opened on your router's firewall to allow traffic to visit your site).

If you use a free DNS service (for example ) then your users will just connect to as they would any other site without being forwarded to your specific IP address. This has its advantages and potentially would stop users thinking it's a "scam" website if you take in any personal details.

There's a thread similar to this posted here:

I'd suggest you take a look at that and you might get some better information.

Hope this helps - good luck!

Very Happy
What IP have you told Yahoo to forward it to?
I have set yahoo to forward it to the IP address my ISP gives me. It is not static but has never changed since I've used them in like 8 months so I think its ok I figured I would just change manaully. Then I tried setting up port forwarding to using both 80 and 8080.

This site was for a friend who has just decided to pay for hosting anyway. I would still like to figure this out though as I am new to hosting and would love to know how to do it.

I will check out the link you gave me in the meantime and thanks for the help so far. I really appreciate all the help so far.
did you want the actual IP?

Oh yeah, the DNS thing you were speking of. If you meant that I should forward the traffic to the DNS address that my ISP gives me I tried that. Please clarify, thanks a million.

The other thread was helpful, thanks for the link. Ill probably learn this soon anyway when school starts back up again.
Yes, I wanted the actual IP, to see if I could access the page from here. That way I might be able to help...
I just decided to give up for a few weeks then Ill probably download apache and then go from there. I tried having a friend access it with the ip address and basically i get a server not found error page. Thanks for all the help but I think I'll just can the web hosting project for now then pick back up when I get a bit more time.
It sounds like the port forwarding is not set up correctly on your router.
SoftStag wrote:
It sounds like the port forwarding is not set up correctly on your router.

well I havent really had to deal with port forwarding much so I guess I may have configured it wrong.

# Service Name Start Port End Port Server IP Address
1 webserv 80 80
2 webserv2 8080 8080

thats what the settings are. I had a buddy try and help me with it who has done this before and he said everything should work yet it still doesnt. is it possible that my ISP could be blockin me from hosting the site?
Do you have Verizon for an ISP? They block port 80. I know you tried 8080, but I thought it was worth asking. The only way I've had luck with this is with It's free. They have a port-forwarding option that works well.

I'm assuming you figured out in IIS where to change the port it's listening on and that you tested it within your network? The option doesn't work within a network. You will have to get someone outside to test it for you.

I appreciate what you are doing guys. That would be a big help for me, a beginner here. I glad to be a part of this site, I'm very grateful of it. Keep up the good work guys.
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