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Hotmail accounts at risk

MSN flaw put Hotmail accounts at risk
By Joris Evers

Microsoft took part of its MSN Web site offline over the weekend, after it learned of a flaw that could let an attacker gain access to Hotmail accounts, the company said.

The MSN Web site, contained a so-called cross-site scripting flaw, a Microsoft representative said on Monday. In its initial review of the issue, the company found that an attacker could use the vulnerability to obtain "cookies" from Hotmail users by getting them to click on a malicious URL. That could then grant access to those e-mail accounts, the representative said.

Cookies are small files stored on a computer that contain user data. Hotmail is one of the world's most popular Web-based e-mail services, with more than 200 million active accounts, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft's acknowledgement of the Hotmail issue comes after the security hole was disclosed on Saturday by Alex de Vries, a Dutch programmer, on the Net-Force Web site for security enthusiasts.

Previous Next Cross-site scripting flaws are errors in Web site design, not in Web browsers, and were discovered more than five years ago. Microsoft has described the flaws as serious security vulnerabilities.

Hotmail customers are no longer at risk, according to Microsoft. "The 'I Love Messenger' Web site has been disabled," the company representative said in an e-mail statement. The site, which hosts emoticons, display pictures and backgrounds for MSN Messenger, Microsoft's free instant messaging service, will be restored once the issue has been resolved, the company said. On Monday afternoon PT, the I Love Messenger Web address was redirecting users to the main MSN Messenger Web site.

The Hotmail and MSN flap comes within a week after Microsoft acknowledged that its South Korean MSN Web site had been hacked. Attackers placed malicious software on the news section of MSN Korea in an attempt to steal passwords for "Lineage," a popular online game in Asia.
nah.. forget hotmail.. i've been a hotmail user for almost 6 years and yet my inbox is still limited to 2MB! Evil or Very Mad good for those who just signed up.. they'll have a chance of getting 250mb email space.. i wonder what happend? probably my account is not included on the upgrade list.. Exclamation
lol, it's almost a year (or more) since they started upgrading the accounts and mine wasn't even upgraded at this time. although i can really say that their securtiy is really good but i can't live with 2mb space.
Not even worth bringing up really.

MSN is the last vestige of the neophyte.

You get the net, grab a hotmail accont and surf.

Ah, to be 13 again.
forget about hotmail unless your from the us.

2mb..thats what they give. if ur in the us (or somewhere, i forgot), they give u 250mb.
I heard that hotmail often was hacked.

The name is Hothack.I see the tool in underground site Cool

So, be carefull Very Happy
Man i use a hotmail account. I hope it doesnt get hacked. How come everything is going hackable now. I been hearing some things about AOL and its hackable now. Might as well not even make email accounts an ymore
If an attacker have they enough knowledge he can hack anything i guess, if they don't is because there is not enough money in play Wink

btw, i have a hotmail account and has been upgraded to 250 mbs a bunch of months ago (don't remember when right now)
i only use hotmail to use MSN Messenger,i use yahoo as my main email thingy i have a gigabyte for some reason there...

If you want a new e-mail service with a really big security, you should singup at :

If you read alitle about it, you can see that they have they servers in a island and they are really hide from the world lol Laughing

And another good reason, it's that this site is not really popular and hackers dont gonna want to hack this site...

Hotmail is the most used mail in the world... for this all hackers are gonna try to hack hotmail Wink
I think its a load of crap.
hmmm, never really liked hotmail accounts. i just use it for MSN messanger
I like hotmail, but the most people dont like it anymore.. Afcourse there are problems with the service, but if GMail becomes very, very big then there will be also some major problems I think.. I live in the Netherlands and have also know a 250 MB Inbox (upgraded from 2 MB). So I think its still nice with MSN Messenger. Thats my opion about it.
I use it just for the email, and not realy even that. I use msn and hotmail to keep in touch with family members and a few other random people. not many. I dont really care for the set up much but. I guess thats just the way it is.
martichka wrote:

If you read alitle about it, you can see that they have they servers in a island and they are really hide from the world lol Laughing

ummmm, it doesnt matter how remote a place they are, its still got a connection to the net, so it doesnt matter where it is. Rolling Eyes
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