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what proccesor do u have

What proccessor do u have?
 66%  [ 16 ]
 33%  [ 8 ]
Total Votes : 24

what proccesor do u have?Intel or AMD
Arno van Lumig
I'm using AMD on both PC's

AMD Athlon XP 2800+
AMD Athlon XP 1600+

That's just becouse they're cheaper Wink
Intel. I prefer quality.
Arno van Lumig
gonzo wrote:
Intel. I prefer quality.

I never, ever had a problem with AMD, and when I use a program like Cpuz it shows that the speed is higher then what the producer says it is.

The AMD 2800 is running at 3.1Ghz and the 1600 at 1800, and I never overclocked it.
Arno van Lumig wrote:
gonzo wrote:
Intel. I prefer quality.

I never, ever had a problem with AMD.

Good for you. With that style of argument then AOL must be one of the greatest ISPs ever.

I, however, don't want to have to patch applications to avoid crashing the OS
Arno van Lumig
Neither did I patch anything to avoid crashing the OS...

If you really hate AMD that much, give me ONE THING intel is better at...

I wish you goodluck

Greetz, Arno
mine is intel-celeron but i think of upgrading it to pentium...
Intel is alot better i think, because it still runs fine with games and also 100000x better proccesor
I am using AMD Athlon XP 1700+ now.
I have an AMD 3200+ running at 2.2GHz.

and one more thing, Intel is for Noobs AMD for Pro's Very Happy
ok i got a (please dont laugh) AMD K6 400MHz Very Happy old computer but a reliable one and i just cant get rid of this. well i got another PC too but it uses Intel processor and im not too fond with those so im sticking to my AMD for now.
Anttu^^ wrote:
and one more thing, Intel is for Noobs AMD for Pro's Very Happy

Absolutely right!
I have an Intel P4 because my dad purchased this computer when I was about 10 years old and didn't know that AMD processors are more efficient...
I have an Intel P3 with 450mhz in one computer (HP Pavilion)
I have an Intel Celeron with 766 mhz in my moms computer (Compaq Presario)
I have an Intel P1 or P2 with like 100-200mhz in my sisters computer
and an Intel Celeron D with 1.3Ghz in my laptop. (Acer Travelmate)

I dont have a customized computer they all came from the store so not too good.

AMD has always treated me very well.

Running a barton 2800+ with 400 bus and very stable 350w psu.

I had some lock ups last week, but after cleaning blankets of dust off of my heatsink the issues are completely gone. It is unlocked but I haven't overclocked yet and the chip whistles. The only latency I experience is in loading from my ram, which is only at 512mb ddr3200.

Of course my p2 back in like, '95 ran very nice for it's time. Celerons are probably the worst Intel has to show for themselves.
Anttu^^ wrote:
and one more thing, Intel is for Noobs AMD for Pro's Very Happy

Hehehe, thats like saying Linux is for Noobs and Windows is for Pro's but as a joke its quite good, thumbs up Laughing
On the computer downstairs: AMD Athlon 3200+
On this old computers upstairs: Intel Pentium 4 2.0

I cannot compare the two since they are so far apart in performance...
What do you own/like/want/smell kind of topics are not encouraged.

Such X vs Y topics end up being flooded with posts like "absolutely"... or just "I like X"...or worse...posts like "Y su**s" etc.

I'll -close- this before we get there.
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