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Which Cricket Bat?

ive been looking for a cricket bat to buy for a friends on a AU$200 budgetm and have been looking at this

any suggestions..of which kind to get...thanks
Get a Slazenger V1200 or get a new GM bat or even go with a gray nichols, but make sure its a good bat which your friend can use comfortably. As I have had bats bought for me which are too heavy or too light an I end up changing them for the one I want.
how about the kookaburra kahuna dominator?
or a kookaburra diablo?
All I can say is that I have played cricket for a long time and by selecting the wrong bat you can ruin your game. Bats are made for specific heights - i.e Shorter guys should use Harrow handled bats. Also - the weight of the bat is important. If you are going to be out in the middle for a while you certainly do not want a bat that you can barely pick up. Its best to go to a "pro" cricket store and get the bat "fitted" - In other words - get a bat with the right handle length and all that. Its pretty much like a set of golf clubs - if you choose the wrong set then your game wil be ruined.
You certainly are right.
A cricket bat has to be bought and chosen by the batsman who will play with it.
Some like it heavy others light. Some like a thick handle others a fine one.
Long handle or short handle.
so i definetely would take the birthday man to the shop and let him chose a bat of his likings.

Good luck and tell us which one it became

PS I play with a pakistani heavyweight bat of the make IHSAN
It all depends upon the liking of the person i mean some are comfortable with heavy bats and some use to have very light weight ....and also depends upon which type of player ur friend is if he is a big hitter like adridi then he may want some heavy stuff to knock the ball out of the ground ...and if he is the one like Dravid who sleeps when he goes out in the middle then he may like some light weight bat
hey NuniPio i think u bought a bat because now it is 6 months u posted this and ur frnd birthday was also around that time.
well i didnt end up buying the bat as somebody suggested that it depends on the person, so instead i gave him money so he can choose his own.. sorry i didnt post this up earlier
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