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Anti-Virus Guide by ASK Richard

Most AV software you use will do the job, the only catch to some is how often the virus definitions get updated. Most do an automated updated on a weekly basis, but in order to get the most current definition you have to do it your self. Usually a AV Software will have updates about every 2 -3 days or it should (new viruses emerg daily). So be sure to either run the update via program or download the definitions from the site (this is if your AV software does not update that often). Final suggestion is just go with what AV feels comfortable for you. Some are easy to work with and other are not. Here is a list of the most common AV software on the market.

ClamWin is a free AV software and is open source software, so their is room for improvment. I recommend this and help support it. I support all open source projects. They usually will include the best features and do the job right. It is written by people like us who also want the best AV the can get.
Norton AV 2005 - $39.99 (comes with 1year subscription), have to renew every year or option to purchase a 2 year subscription for $59.99
McAfee - $39.99 (comes with 1year subscription), have to renew every year for $34.99.
AVG - $38.95 comes with 2year subscription, must renew after 2 years. So price wise not bad.
TrenMicro - no comment
Panda - a bit pricey, but heard it is a good program, they mostly specialize in full Internet suite, so for the price tag its not bad
SOPHOS - have not tested.
CA eTrust Is a pretty good Internet Security Suite.
Kaspersky - this also is a good AV.
AntiVir - They have a free version and a pro. The pro is more like a suite. For just a AV their classic is it.
Adding Avast antivirus. Well rated and it seemed to catch what others didn't for me. Free for home use - you need a licence key, available from their site on the same page as download. That gives you use for 14 months and then you can renew.
rlloyd wrote:
AVG - $38.95 comes with 2year subscription, must renew after 2 years. So price wise not bad.

Actually, you can get a free version of AVG, so long as you do not use it for commercial use. The URL is:
I thought that there was still a free version. I had stopped installing it as you have to jump through more hoops to get it than with Avast and they're both awesome.
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