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Making VCDs

ok guys.. can u suggest a software that can encode video files into VCD format? I want to burn my .avi files into a VCD and NERO takes too long into encoding it... i hope somebody can help me out here.. thanks
Here's something
Super DVD Creator - shareware Sad
and maybe you can find more on Softpedia
Good Luck!
I think that all programs will take a similar time to encode. The fact of the matter is that there is a lot of processing involved in encoding the files to make them in to the format for VCD. Therefore your PC needs a lot of processing power to do it. If you want to speed this process up, you may need to consider a faster processor, and more RAM.
As the person before me correctly mentioned. Most encoding software does in actual gact take a similiar amount of time to re-encode video files.

The important thing to differentiate is whether you are authoring or encoding your video files.

For simple tasks such as preparing a video file for burning into vcd, svcd, or dvd(mpeg2) format Nero is a good starter's program.

You can also use programs such as TMPEncode Xpress to re-author and encode your files, but you'll need a thrid party s/w to burn them.

The amount of time is pretty standard, depending on the type of quality that you're looking for. Nero normally uses a double pass encode. If you're really looking to save time, then you can use a single pass encode, but the quality can sometimes be a little hit and miss.

Normally though encoding is done on a frame by frame basis, and this is what takes the time. The only true way of speeding up the process is by upgrading your hardware to process the frames faster.
Use virtualdubmod to frame serve your avi file.. if you are having problems with your audio sync time, you could extract the audio track first. After frame serving it, use tmpgenc to convert to vcd format.
I don't ever do this - I'm not a fan of physical media... but, my Dad is. I just got him set up using DVD Creator, and he loves it. It's about as simple as it gets... drag file, click burn, done.

How to Burn AVI to DVD
Check it.
in my experience, nero is one of the fastest program to create vcd. all in one step. no more encoding and burning separately. encoding to vcd by nero is also fast compare to other, and the quality is also good.

i haven't made any vcd for years. the last time, maybe 6 years ago it took about 30 minutes to burn 1 hour of footage from DV and PCM avi. it was on pentium 4, single core 3GHz with 4MB RAM. 6 years ago it was 30 minutes. 30 minutes is not that long. i don't even finish my food when it's ready. if you find it longer than that, most probably it's your computer.
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