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Any good resources for learning German online?

Does anyone know of some good resources (textbooks/online courses) for learning "beginning" German? I could always take a class at a college or university, but the times always seem to interfere with my work schedule, so I am looking to teach myself. J.
Though I do not know of any courses, I would like to ask you this:

What is your native language? Cause unless it's a language that's closely related to German (Fries, Dutch,...) - and even then it's tricky, you're going to have a REALLY hard time getting the pronounciation right...
Schudder, it's English. You sound like I should be concerned. I should be concerned, right? Embarassed

I guess I should take it at the university instead....
It doesn't matter, mine is Spanish and I speak English pretty well. They're not very related, bah I want to learn Japanese.
Hobbit, how did you learn English? Did you take classes? Or did you teach yourself? I am just curious.....Japanese would be great to learn also. Wink
Mrs Lycos
Once you learn a language, i mean formally, it's easier to learn another. My mother tongue is Spanish, and I learnt English ( I'm a teacher actually), but now I take a look at French, or Italian, and it's not so difficult. I am starting to learn Japanese, but as it has characters that are completely different, it's more complicated. But the main idea about languages is that all have subjects, verbs and qualifiers, each positioning in different ways. Pronuncitation is a different thing though. I believe ( and I tell it from experience, because I teach languages) that there are people better at languages than others, and can learn much, much faster.
Hello, I think a good place to have a look is youtube. For example the following videos:

Student Life: German for Beginners (
You can do a search like Learn German or Deutsch Sprechen.
Viel Glück!
I would say best place to learn is this site:

I would highly recommend this site. Besides having interactive videos to learn language it also has regular tests, so that you can monitor your performance. Also, a feature which personally I like a lot is where your written submission can be checked by some other user of site who might be learning some other language. Hence in a collaborative way people can help each other learn different languages. You might teach someone English and learn German from someone else.
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