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I got a NEW laptop

a few days ago I at my neighbours place to give him the ultimate boot cd. he had some old computer stuff that he was going to give away to someone else, he showed me an old laptop, it was his, he gave it to my dad and he gave it back a few years ago.
here is a site with the same laptop:

I'm really really happy with it, it has windows 3.0 and norton commander (kind of windows/total commander)

afther the x-mass holiday I will bring it to school to watch everyones faces Razz

it has a 20MB HDD with an on/off button at the back side.
it is 4,5 kilo (9,9lbs)
and it has a handle so I can take it to every place I want (most laptops don't have that Razz

That is a strange looking laptop and I have not seen many old laptops so this is a strange sight for my eyes.

I have never used Windows is it?

Easy with that HDD space my friend, easy...
I forgot to tell it makes a sound as an airplane Razz
it has 640 kb memory Razz

it is nice only I'll need to move the mouse verry slowly else it will become invisible for a few secs Razz
I played patiance, allmost the same as in win XP, only I have blue and white color
it has reversi on it and winword.
ouch, it looks very old !!

If you want to see (and play) the 1st computer I've ever touched :

it was for some 20-22 years ago, at school. You couldn't use mouse, but there was a kind of pen you could use to click on screen. So it was probably not a mo5, but at to7 :

for loading a program in memory you had to play a tape completely, it probably took some minutes.
It was prehistoric but good old times. Even NetBSD Unix couln't run on this, even if it can run on toasters Smile

Later I really wanted to own such a laptop, like the one you showed, or especially like the Atari Portfolio :
I saw several laptops like that at thrift stores like value village.
nice....i am actually looking to get a laptop, uptil now i have only bought desktops
Fall To Your Knees
Heh, I even own a VIC20 Surprised The screen burnt out finally about a year ago, but wow, computers really have come along way.
I thought the requirement for windows 3.0 was 1 meg of memory... aw well, thats pretty sweet though. Rolling Eyes

my commodore 64/128 still works, winter games is still pretty good to play on it, and it has REAL national anthems!!!! good times...
too bad I can't find any games that can run on this cpu...
That is a blast from the past. I remember those machines! Embarassed
I remember my first computer, it was an IBM PS/1. My dad loved the thing, and even got someone to upgrade the ram, and add a second hard drive! I also remember when we upgraded to win 95, and we were deleting like crazy so there'd be enough space to install.

My brother gave me his old laptop, and while it can't start from its battery anymore, it is still fun to play when I'm extremely extremely bored. The thing looks like someone joined a couple of bricks together, and certainly feels that way when trying to lift it.
Looks to me like you need to get an updated laptop lol. Maybe try alienware. Although they are massivly over priced, they have a hella kewl look!

l have one of the first ellectric typwriters that looks alot like that, except WAY bulkier and about 30-40 lbs Neutral.

And wow, someone else here that uses Total Commander!! lt is the best file manager ever!!! And l believe there is a copy available for Windows 3.0 Neutral try that out and see how it performs Neutral.
man, do you thinq these thingz can be considered antique-technology? lolz, i could see it now - i'll be watching that one thing on tv where people come and bring their old junk in and get it apraised and freakin people start bringing "antique-technology" like tandy computers and emulators for PCs and old CASIO watches and the appraiser gives them some outragously LOW number and the owners still jump for joy at the fact that it's still worth more than NOTHING~! lolz that'd be hilarious. seriously though, i love old stuff, i still have my tandy1000 (no hard drive, runs only on 5.5s) and all kinds of other stuff. i even have one of the very first mp3 players that rio came out with lolz.
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